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I am sorry for all of those who are sick and tired of this kind of posts. I just discorever this place and it says "anonymous confessions&advice".... I need to tell this someone, it's real, happend 30 years ago but i never told anyone.

I was born in the 80's in the Eastern European block 4 years after my brother and my parents had to send me away to my maternal grandparents in a city 200 miles away from home because they had too much to do and having a young baby around the house was too much for them.
My grandparents house was in a old neighbourhood of a very old town and most houses were abandoned or inhabited by older people. There was no one young and no kids my age.
Except this social problem my life was pretty nice. I got spoiled in all the ways possible and i learned to read before i was 5 so i had books to keep me company. Books and since 6-7 - masturbation.
Yep, playing enough time with my penis got me eventually to orgasm and from then, this was a regular. I had no ideea that women/girls are linked to this. My masturbation was mechanical in nature. I would rub it until orgasm and this could take hours sometimes.
I started school in that city, the plan being to come home to my parents after elementary school finished but i got there sooner because my grandparents were too old to take me there in wintertime on foot. I had to come home.
Now, i had seen my father 10-12 times/year. He was the one making the trip to see how i was and bring supplies. My mom had a life-long fight with her mother who was very strict with her (and she escaped by marrying dad in another town) so she was not comming this often. maybe 2-3 times/year.
So ,as i said, i moved home at 8, at the start of the 2'nd grade.
My parents had a 3 room apartment and i had to share a room with my brother who hated me because until recently he was like a only son. I did not had the privacy to masturbate so i was getting a bit frustrated about it.
The only place i was able to do it was in the bathroom on the toilet seat but because it was taking ages everyone in the house was thinking i was constipated and constantly were knocking to the door (and making me lose my progress) to see if i am ok.
My mom was the only one entering there while i was in to take laundry or to hang some on the ropes above the bathtub. She was a lot of fun. 180 degrees of grandma. She was smiling all the time ,telling jokes ,kissing and carresing my hair and overall i had a sense of confort around her.
One time she got in there with me wearing only a tank top with no bra and a pair of white rahter small (but not thongs) panties. Excused herself but said she is in a hurry and needs to wash a little so she can get out of the house. I wanted to get up and leave her alone but she insisted i stay there to finish my thing. Of course she was tihnking i was pooping.
Now, the whole thing lasted 3 minutes. Se leaned on the sink, washed her face and armpits and then got out sending me a kiss. The problem was that while she leaned down i coud see her breasts moving in the tank top and her round ass popping out a bit...and i got hooked. That moment i linked masturbation to women and from then, every time i did it seeing or thinking about her made me come in minutes and a lot harder.
Those were the times that we had no internet, no hustler or playboy and parents were not exposing nudity, were not having sex talks with their children....etc. I did not know what was exactly that feeling but i knew i had to spy on her on any given day.
My mom was not in any way a exchibitionist. She would close the bathroom door, she never got out of her bedroom undressed and so on but if you want to ,in a tiny communist apartment you can find those moments you need from a woman ,even as classic as my mother.
Soon after that she caught me masturbating under the blanket in her room looking at her while she was ironing (wearing that tank top again). I remember i said to her i have cold feet and i need to warm up. She just looked at me and got the idee from the movement under the blanket and smiled.
I was very ashamed but she made it feel ok. She said that it's normal for boys like me to like playing with "it". From then, i would still hide but i was not that hard to find. Masturbating all the time when i was alone around her and she would just smile and say "i got you!"
I only remeber she asked dad once what to do about it and he said "it's a boy and you are hot. let him see what he wants and he will get over it".
this happend for about a year until the summer of my 10-th birthday.
That summer my brother had highschool admission exams and they were postponed by a teacher's strike and the whole thing got to interfere with my family's vacantion plan. We had 7 days on the seaside for all four of us but my mother decided to go with me and let my father into the city to take care of my brother and see him trough his exams.


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  • My mom was the one who told me about the birds and the bees, not my dad. She showed me her breasts and told me I could suck on her nipples if I wanted, which I did. She showed me her vagina, and were a mans hard penis would enter to have sex. She noticed the tent in my sweats and told me I could put my erect penis inside her vagina if I wanted, and I did. As we had intercourse, my mom sounded just like when my dad and her have sex. That made me ejaculate inside her very hard.

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