In another pussy

If I could deal with my feelings and the mental side of things I would love to watch my husband fuck another woman.
He has such a nice size cock nice and thick and a good length, it fills my pussy up and some!
Every push he does goes to the bottom of me and the stretching feeling is perfect.
I would love to see it going in and out of another woman’s pussy.

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  • You are a cuckquean.. I am a cuckcake.. I respect your marriage if you pay me for my time spent fucking your husband.

  • For six years I was the "odd man out" in an mfm threesome with a now married couple. He initiated it because he loved to watch me fuck his woman from all of the angles he could not see. He was in his mid fifties when it started.

    But I don't think you should risk adding another woman to your marriage bed unless you are "young". Grown up women tend to have a jealousy that increases with the years and could be truly devastating to you. Older guys lose that pathological jealousy of youth so it can "work".

  • Ever since I was a teen, I've always desired to have men that cheated on me. I've dated both and I'm sorry but for me I much prefer men that cheat then those that don't. I ended up marring a man that doesn't and it often bothers me that he won't, even though he knows I want him to

  • Very nice I know the feeling I love to be able to watch my wife getting fucked to see her enjoying from a different view

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