Watched porn together

Only confession I have is I’ve watched porn with my brother, we both just gave a running commentary on what was going on, must admit when he left my room I had one really wet pussy!



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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Many siblings experiment. It's completely normal

  • Fuck you lady balls you never experienced incest period. You never fucked your sister period. It is not a human right sick fuck. Incest will never be legal because it is sick immoral and disgusting. If incest was legal the right to reproduce would be legal too. And with a 42% birth defect rate between sibling and sibling-parent or as known as direct incest It will never be legal. Incest also occurs when there is underlying psychological problems, physical or sexual abuse in the person or persons committing incest. Go get help sick fuck.
    You write these confessions and then lie about not writing them. Yes incest is sick! Go ask strange people around you or post it on your FaceBook account, Twitter or your local police Department and see what they say. You post the same crap all the time get a fucking life and quit incest posts you fucking sick ass hole.

  • You've done it again! It's your post! It's a good job we are all understanding 😂 I'm thinking perhaps you are a bit special??

  • God it's sad how dumb you are dip shit.

  • That's it let out the pain and frustration. Good job replying to me rather than yourself. You might just be getting the hang of it! 👍🏻

  • Do you idiots think those replies will work. If you stop writing confessions about incest or pedophilia I won't reply. It is that simple Give it a chance.

  • Give incest a chance!

  • I bet u did my sister was the same way

  • Fuck you lady balls You never had a sister to fuck you lonely old fat fuck.

  • Crossdresser post below. Need new posts, not about daddy raping his 14 year old son.

  • I've watch porn with my Dad since I was 14 now 22. We were on vacation in the Caribbean and there was a bad storm. The hotel had free channels and two where porn. We just were bored and started watching. My father is all man, big, strong and good looking. His cock is magnificent long and thick. I am a guy, but all my life I've been mistaken as a girl.

    Ten minutes in he just reached behind me and had his hand on my ass. Dad, had never touched me before. I was so horny, from the video I pull my shorts off and leaned forward and his finger was in my ass a bit. He pulled back his hand spit on his finger and soon his middle finger it was all the way in me. It felt so good.

    My cock was so hard, and i was naked by then. Dad jerked me and I came almost at once.

    He picked me up carried me to the bed. I was on my hands and knees. I looked back at him. He pulled out his cock, he was rock hard and 9 inches and he lubed it with hand cream. Then he enter me.

    It hurt as he entered, them it felt wonderful. It was like my body was made to perfect take his cock. By instinct i started pushing back as he trusted. Dad said, Baby your ass is so tight, it was never this good with your mother or any woman.. Dad make love to me for an hour, when he finally came I was on top riding him. I had cum twice during sex.

    We fell asleep spooning. When we woke up later, we showered and during the shower he guided my mouth to his cock and I willingly took it and tasted cum for the first time.

    I have been his exclusive lover since that day. I give him my body constantly, at home, in public anywhere he wants.

    On a private members only gay beach club we joined. He fucked my ass and I've blown him in public hundreds on times. I dropped out of school at 16, so he can fuck me more often.

    I'm hopelessly in love with my father, and a complete submissive for him. I crossdress since I was 15 for him. My panties are always soaked from his cum dripping from my ass.

  • That was worse than your last post. Go back to the panty wearing club where you belong. People Don't be as lame as this guy when you write your new ones. Be original and write the truth.

  • Will you sick fucks write new posts these are lame. I'm waiting to wreck them too. Can't wait! Destroying your sick posts is a lot of fun. So write some more fake bullshit for me please.

  • MARTHA Colt, the most depraved member of the Colt incest family whose five children resulted from incestuous relationships, was found living with her brother, a court has heard.
    Martha was living with her brother Charlie Colt - who she had once slept openly in a "marital bed" on the Colt incest family farm - when arrested in April.

    Four of Martha Colt's children, aged between 11 and 20, are a result of sexual relationships with a sibling or parent.
    Central Local Court heard on Wednesday that Martha Colt - a court appointed pseudonym to protect the identity of child victims - and brother Charlie Colt were living in the NSW town of Griffith in April.

  • It also heard that police are seeking further DNA samples from members of the Colt family before charges laid against them can proceed.

    NSW Police child protection squad detectives swooped on April 15 this year, arresting eight members of the Colt incest family in raids across three states.

    Martha Colt, 38, is currently incarcerated in Dillwynia Women's prison in far western Sydney.

    Her lawyer said she had health problems including injuries from falling in her prison cell.

  • Appearing via video link from prison, Martha appeared older than her years with greying hair, a worn out look and a lined face.

    Charged with perjury, Ms Colt's alleged offences are fewer than some of her co-accused siblings and nephews who face charges of sexual intercourse with children, indecent assault and incest.

    The charges were laid five years after police raided the squalid Colt incest family farm hidden in the hills behind the NSW rural town of Boorowa in 2012.

    Stunned detectives and welfare authorities found 38 members of the Colt family living on the filthy remote property which had no running water, electricity or proper sanitation.

    The farm "smelt of urine and faeces" which lay in open buckets among the sleeping areas, and was also populated by about 20 dogs.

    The children did not know how to use toilet paper, a toothbrush or shower, and had bed-wetting and hearing problems.

    They were years behind at school if they had attended at all, they tortured the genitalia of animals and had sex on the farm with their cousins, uncles and aunts.

  • Martha and brother Charlie shared the same bed in one of two tents inside a large shed which had a refrigerator with rotten vegetables and hazardous wires hooked up to a generator.

    The children had facial deformities associated with interbreeding, walked in a shuffling manner, could not speak intelligibly and had cognitive impairment.

    After the removal of Martha's five children, five of family matriarch Betty's and the other Colt adults scattered interstate.

    In April, detectives arrested them in Griffith, in the Riverlands region of South Australia and in Western Australia's Avon Valley.

    Only Betty Colt's daughter Raylene, who faces a single charge of perjury, has been released on bail.

    At Martha Colt's second bail application on Wednesday, Magistrate Alison Viney heard that the accused had high blood pressure and had suffered chest pains and migraines in prison.

    She had also fallen from an upper prison bunk and suffered soft tissue damage, and was finding her first time in custody "overwhelming".

    The court heard that when she was arrested in Griffith with brother Charlie, two of her sons who were possible witnesses, were living in the rented house.

  • New ones for you incest loving fucks. How do you like me now.😎

  • No one cares 😂

  • Thank you for confirming just how popular incest is!!! You're just wasting your time here.

  • Hey I post incest stories here. I like mine they have a happy ending and they are 100% true unlike all the fake ones here.

  • Lol exactly 😂

  • SIBLINGS ARRESTED FOR INCEST IN EFFINGHAM COUNTY...AT A CHURCH! Here is a strange story which gets more strange with every new detail. From WTOC Ben Williamson: A brother and sister arrested for having sex in a church parking lot. Christopher Buckner, 20, of Guyton, and HER brother, Timothy Savoy, 25, of Jackson, Georgia, were inside of the tractor trailer at the Country Side Baptist Church on Highway 30 having sex prior to being stopped by deputies. They are charged with incest, sodomy, and prowling.

  • Incest will never stop. You can't change human nature

  • Thats what separates us from animals the ability to resist anything. We also have the knowledge of right from wrong. Ass hole you can't resist your sick urges. Thats why you are lower then animals.

  • You don't know right from wrong. It's just an opinion

  • No one is interested

  • No one is interested in your reports I mean

  • The dude who wrote this story is a wanker.

  • Sounds like you and your brother want to have some fun? Watch some bro sis incest porn and see it that gets things started!

  • You can't even tell a fake post if it smacked you right in the face.

  • Even if it's fake, it's still fun! 😁😁

  • Nice try fucktard but it's not going to work they no it's been you after kids all this time that 13 year old student lol

  • You got lady balls dumb fuck

  • Stop replying to yourself

  • Pathetic one is you thinking you have the right to bully everyone

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls.

  • God you are pathetic you still don't get whats happing here.

  • Course your having fun it's the first time someone spoke to you well at least it stops you trying to fuck kids

  • I'm not into kids sick fuck, thats what you are into!!! Now don't mix that up again lame ass

  • Who the fuck got a basement lol fucking retard,

  • Just because you are alone in your mommies basement doesn't mean we all are. shit head

  • Fucking wife lol that's the best yet take that wig off and stop looking in the mirror lol

  • You having a good time here ass hole because I'm having a blast.

  • Wait for a shit head to reply. Wait for it.

  • There it is.......

  • Shame you don't admit it on others then making yourself look sad billy

  • My wife is laughing at you sitting along side me shit head. All you got is you cockroaches that you watch have sex. God you make this too easy dip shit.

  • Seven posts and it is already looking bad for you sick fucks

  • Now everything posted on this on is mine. I'm laughing and loving your stupid reply's. Ass wipe.

  • Wow still pretending someone else is writing them lol

  • Every posts moaning is you lol retard

  • Good glad they are moaning you stupid fuck thats the point to wreck them.

  • Incest fucks give it up. Yes Danny boy the one below is mine too.

  • Told you I was gonna wreck you sick posts fuck head.

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