Has anyone ever exchanged sex for pot?

25 years ago, I loved smoking pot and was the sorority girl that would have sex with anyone for couple of hits on a joint. My parents were strict, never allowed me to attend parties or hang out in high school. I got a full academic scholarship, attended the largest university in our state, joined a sorority, got on birth control and smoked my first joint. I attended lots of parties and guys started offering pot for sex. Word quickly got around that I’d gladly have sex for a couple of joints. I got to experience all kinds of guys. Since this is anonymous, yes, I was part of a few group sessions and it was the first time I’d heard ‘sloppy seconds’. I was so bad, my sorority sisters gave me the nickname ‘cum dumpster’.

After college, I moved back to the small town I grew up in, married a local guy I knew from high school, got a job as a middle school teacher and due to Covid-19, looking to early retire soon. I never stayed in touch with anyone from my college years or follow them on facebook. Thankfully, cameras on cell phones weren’t around then either.

During the lockdown, my husband and I spent a lot of quality time together. My husband knows I was a little wild in college and thinks I only had 3 boyfriends before him. The truth is, and I’m guessing with this number, it’s actually closer to 60 or 70. The other night, I almost confessed my true number but changed my mind. I feel no remorse for my wild time at college. I was young and on birth control. Looking back, my only regret is I wish I’d insisted on condoms. I’m embarrassed to tell him the truth. It’s in the past and needs to stay that way.


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  • I have traded a dealer oral for weed, but it's really embarrassing

  • Yep I have between my b/f and me when we were dating I love weed lol

  • I am not usually embarrassed by shit no one knows about.

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