How do i tell my dad i want to have sex with him?

Recently i reconnected with my dad and he's been calling me baby girl and I've been calling him daddy. Every time I see him i get really wet and can't stop thinking about him fucking me I don't know how to tell him but I feel like I need to and I've tried a few different times but every time I chicken out so does anyone have any tips on telling him?



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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Let him catch you playing with your pussy when only you to home

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  • So then who is the teacher? And who is Fuck me Daddy?

  • Fuck me daddy was just someone who put a confession up,the teacher is the one stalking calling everyone lame nickname billy no mates sad prick talks to himself.

  • So what does fuck me daddy want and what does the teacher teach?

  • Piano teacher wanted a young student dirty old man

  • So then what does fuck me daddy want? And where is the post of the piano teacher wanting to fuck his student? Thats gross.

  • That confession was months ago from the perv.

  • Thanks so what are you into? How old are You?

  • Sorry 28F here.

  • Fuck me daddy is a teacher?

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  • Steven Pladl, 42, and Katie Pladl, 20, of Knightdale, North Carolina were arrested and charged with incest, contributing to delinquency, and adultery after having a child together.
    Steven and his then-wife Alyssa, met online around 1995; both were 20 and 15 at the time. In 1998, the couple got pregnant and had a baby named 'Denise'. Alyssa revealed that when Denise would cry, Steven would scream and put her into a cooler in order to stop her from crying. When Steven would walk away, Alyssa would rescue Katie from the cooler. The couple eventually decided to put their baby Denise up for adoption out of state.

    In 2016, their daughter Denise, now Katie, successfully located her biological parents and siblings using social media when she turned 18 and eventually moved into their home near Richmond, Virginia.

    While living there, Katie discovered that her biological parents were having marriage issues and would sleep in separate bedrooms. Later that year, Steven and his then-wife Alyssa had decided to legally separate. Steven ended up sleeping on the floor in his daughter Katie's room for a month while the separation was being finalized. No one, not even his then-wife knew that Steven and Katie were having a sexual relationship. Alyssa had even began noticing that Steven was wearing skinny jeans, fitted shirts, and even shaved his beard and grew out his hair.

    Alyssa eventually found an entry in their 11-year-old daughter's diary sometime in May - a drawing of Katie pregnant, and text stating that Steven told her to start referring to Katie as "step-mom". She confronted Steven about their relationship and was told that he was in love and planned on marrying Katie. By November 2016, Steven and Alyssa was officially separated, with Alyssa getting full custody of their other 2 children.

  • GRAND ISLAND, Neb. β€” Two people in St. Paul were arrested on suspicion of incest following an investigation by police.

    The Grand Island Police Department said Travis Fieldgrove, 39, and Samantha Kershner, 21, are accused of being in an intimate relationship despite the fact that they are father and daughter.

    Police said the relationship wasn't initially intimate, saying Kershner wanted to find out who her father was at about age 17. Police say her mother introduced her to Fieldgrove, who she identified as Kershner's father.

    GIPD said an intimate relationship began in September 2018 in Grand Island.
    Evidence leading up to the arrest suggests that Fieldgrove and Kershner were aware of the biological relationship before being intimate, and they quickly married one another when they found out their relationship was being investigated.

    Court documents say DNA testing indicated that the probability that Fieldgrove is Kershner's father is 99.999 percent.

  • In a later interview with police, court documents say Kershner said her motivation to have sex with her father stemmed from a "jealous competition with her half-sister" regarding who could have sex with their father, Fieldgrove, first.

    Both were taken to the Hall County Jail pending bond on incest charges, a Class III Felony.

    The two are also wanted in Adams County on more incest charges after police said they got married at the Adams County Courthouse in Hastings on Oct. 1.

    Warrants were issued on Wednesday for incest charges, which will likely be put on hold until the Hall County cases are resolved.

    Marriage licensing requirements at the Adams County Courthouse indicate that both parties applying for a certificate must provide the full names and birth places of their parents before being approved. However, court documents indicate that Fieldgrove was not listed on Kershner's birth certificate.

  • New ones for you incest loving fucks. How do you like me now.😎

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  • Can you say felony F E L O N Y ... Nice try fuck head.

  • On July 20, 2017, Steven and Katie married in Parkton, Maryland (photo below). Both had lied on paper about their biological relationship, stating that they were both unrelated. Katie's adoptive parents, Tony and Kelly Fusco, didn't agree with their marriage, but decided to support their daughter Katie's decision anyway. The couple ended up moving to Knightdale, North Carolina in November and had a baby named Bennett on September 1, 2017.
    Alyssa, upset with Steven after she found out about his new baby with their biological daughter, reported the incest couple to authorities in January 2018. The couple was later investigated by authorities, charged, ordered by a judge to stay away from each other, and granted Steven's mother full custody of baby Bennett.

    Shortly after the incest charge, Katie moved back to Dover, about 80 miles away in upstate New York to stay with her adoptive family, The Fuscos.
    Steven, filled with rage, murdered the couple's baby, Bennett, while at home and proceed to drive to Dover, New York to find Katie. Steven managed to locate Katie with her adopted dad Tony and proceeded to secretly follow them as they were on their way to Waterbury, Connecticut. During the drive, Steven managed to get out of his car and fatally shoot both Katie and Tony.

    Struck with grief after the shootings, Steven called his mother to confess about everything that had happened. Steven's mother immediately called the authorities to report the murders (9-11 phone call below) which lead to authorities later finding baby Bennett in the couple's home in Knightville.

    Steven was later found dead in Dover with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  • No one is interested 😁

  • Thats what happens in incest relationships fuck heads. It's true google their names if you don't believe it.

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  • We care dumb fuck.

  • Obviously start flirting with him and become more affectionate. Perhaps honesty may be the best policy? Tell him

  • Good advice!!

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    As you posted below "Ok fine im female to male transgender but i don't have a dick and still have tits" you are one fucked up dude.

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  • Girl

  • Hi just tell him and have fun. I'd love to hear how it turns out. Good Luck Baby Girl

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    If you want to chat heres my insta

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  • You should try to wait until you are at least 16 but you can start becoming closer to your dad so when you reach 16 sex will definitely be an option!

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