Record asses while shopping

I record the entire time I’m shopping. Sometimes I don’t get anything worth while while other times I get gems.

I rarely end up actually watching later to masturbate to, but when I see them that’s all I can think! Touching them or my self to them.

It’s sometimes the style of cloths not even the women’s body or what’s exposed. The look of her is enough!

My wife use to hate it until I started dressing her more provocative and recording her as we shopped. The slutty she dressed the more men looked. The more looks the more it turned her on.

We would record this and watch in the mall food court and fuck in a dressing room when she was worked up enough.

Back when Craigslist was a thing we posted for men to grope, finger or ejaculate on her while out shopping.

Now all that lost it’s galore but I still record, tho not really sure why since I don’t watch 95% of the gem videos I get. And most of the time I might be turned on while recording, but don’t see the attraction once home.

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  • So why do it? Find something new that turns you on.

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