19 and No Desire for Sex [Angry Vent]

None. I have absolutely no libido or desire to lose my V-card to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or appearance. And before you say "JuSt dO it YoU pUsSy"-

It's not like I haven't tried, okay? Dating didn't go well, despite me looking for someone who "wanted" a celibate relationship. He eventually asked to have sex and I said no. He broke up with me within 2 years. Then I tried masturbation and online porn, but that didn't work as intended. I was either dryer than the Sahara or could only get off after 3 hours of dedication. Consulting a professional also did not go well. If they didn't want me to go on some medication I've never heard of, they wanted me to see a therapist. Yeah, they actually asked if I wanted to see a sex therapist.

I know that all 19 year olds should want to fuck like pornstars. Yet here I am trying every method and toy under the sun to send myself to Cloud 9, and it's turning to be an expensive disappointment. So far I've spent nearly a thousand dollars, and the only progress I made is I have to do anal in a combination of two vibrators to force myself to orgasm. And honestly? That's pathetic and awkward, especially when my future husband/wife is in the mood, and I have to respond with "okay, let me see if the equipment is charged baby". WHO DOES THAT?? ((IF YOU DO THEN PLEASE FUCK OFF BACK TO WHATEVER SAD HOLE YOU CRAWLED OUT OF))

I can watch porn, read smut, laugh at sex jokes, but the thought of losing my virginity makes me roll my eyes? Seriously, wtf? My sister and her girlfriend are having sex almost every night. Meanwhile, I'm looking up reasons why my pussy doesn't throb and why licking a dick makes me want to vomit. At this point, I've given up. Just spending an hour writing this has exhausted me. Now that it is 12am, I'm going to sleep. If this post blows up, maybe I'll post an update. Or maybe I won't. I literately don't give a fuck.

Smoke grass, drink fast, eat ass.

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  • Quit complaining here and go see a doctor. Your hormones may not be right and thats just a start. Not going to tell you to just do it because your first time should be special.

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