Mom just watched

I was 13 and had a little crush on my 18yo cousin and my mom knew it, each time he came to the house she would bring it up and one time i desided to go to my room and she came in told me he had left and started asking if i would have sex with him i told her if he wasn't family i would within a minute he came walking into my room naked walked up to me and put his dick into my mouth he was moaning as he had hold of my hair my mom was sat next to me watching next minute he backed away got me up told me to take everything off my mom was telling him i wasn't a virgin and told him i had some condom's in my top draw i was nervous watching him roll one on i was thinking my mom would stop it but he got me to lay down and hold my legs apart as he gently entered me first few times going slow then without warning bang he slammed it in hard making me cry out and kept getting harder showing no signs of finishing he pulls out stood up took the condom off and went straight back to pounding me for the next 5 minutes and i heard him saying he's going to cum then starts pumping his load in me my mom just tells me to clean up,it seemed like every time he was horny i was his fuck toy, something i never told him the first time i was i wasn't on the pill and 3 months later found out i was pregnant my daughter is now 6,we still have sex but he doesn't want her to no he's her dad.


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Naughtyposts rules
    But please don't include any of the following:

    Graphic or gratuitous descriptions of rape, molestation, assault, or sex with minors
    What part of that can't you dumb fucks get?

  • First time on here in months and see you are still giving abuse lol him below wasn't it you who was after a 13 year old girl

  • Hell no, not into children. Only sick fucks are into children. A pedophilic is so low that when they get caught, they have to be put in protective custody. The other imates would kill them in a second if they could get their hands on him. Was watching Court Cam and saw some pedo appear and after learning his charges sat down and another handcuffed inmate stood up and walked and head butted him. Loved it.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

    There I posted that just for you dumb fuck.

  • Fuck you and your pathetic pedophilic post. God we are sick of your stupid fake posts. Go crawl in to a hole and die sick fuck. Once again fuck you.

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