Lesbian porn, fantasy and my mind is blown

Ok, I have confession to make. First of all let me say: I am not gay, or I don't think I am, I am very sure I am not, whole my life I've been with guys and right now I have a boyfriend that soon will become my husband. I have never had feelings for girls, nor I flirted with one, nor I noticed I am attracted to them. Yes, there are very sexy girls, but that is the end of my fantasy.

On the other hand, I have kissed girls, but just for fun, had a couple of drunk nights, made out with girls - it was fun, it was nice, I loved it every time. Sometimes, I kiss girls, just for fun - again, it is nice.

Last year, or year and I half, I catched myself watching lesbian porn. I don't know fu*king why! I just started watching it. The "problem" is that I also noticed I am horny during those dirty girl on girl movies! I, again, don't know fu*king why! It is very strange and new for me. I started watching girls with "other eyes", I am thinking about what it would be like if I had sex with girl, I am thinking about them so much in the last year. And then, on the top of everything, there is this girl in the gym that is maybe lesbian (she has that tom boy look - no judging, just saying), and everytime I see her I am thinking about how it would be if I flirted with her or doing something else.

I don't know what is happening in my head, this is all so confusing.

Please help


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  • My husband has no idea that I've been quietly meeting lesbian girls since high school.

  • So, you just like it? I mean, are you bisexual or just having fun with them?

  • Women are simply more aesthetically appealing than men. If you were compelled to watch one person -whilst they went about their day, undressed - you would invariably choose to see a woman; however random that woman may be.

    Your personal sense of aesthetic is -of course- deeply rooted in your nature AND nurture; that your desires are rooted similarly should not be a surprise.

    Don't allow convention to shape your intent; if you explore joys with intent (and the consent of those able to give it!) you ultimately do what is right and what is (ethically) good.

    More to the point? Women; they're where all the best sex is happening.

  • It is probably it then.
    It is all so confusing to me. This never happened, and then... Boom! Started noticing girls more then ever before. I am more and more sure that I will try it once. The wish is so strong.

  • Usually it starts off that way, being attracted to lesbian porn then being curious about hooking up then actually doing it and liking it

  • I agree

  • There is no harm in trying I'm no and love it

  • This is totally normal! i know so many girl who are straight that watch les porn

  • Bisexuality is real, you do not have to decide on one option.

  • Yes; beside my aesthetic position, the entire subject is all on a spectrum. You may hear people speak of percentages and that's pretty much true. I myself allowed myself the craziness of heterosexual intimacy(that sounds so clinical but I'm not sure exactly how explicit I can get here) for the first time...since I was ...at camp. That was -ahem- over three decades ago. He is an old friend. I will definitely do it again. Weird, right?

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