My mom became my father's 2 brother's slut

It all started when I was 10 years old and my dad was suffering from severe lung cancer and 2 months later he died during the operation.

My father had 2 younger brothers used to be very caring and helpful to our family when my dad was admitted in the hospital they used to help in financial situations. When I dad died they started to visit our house daily to help my mom that this she was 32 year old.

They used to stay at our house 2 to 3 day a week and used to play games with me and take me to park and used to be happy with them. One day it happened that I woke up in night and my mom was not sleeping with me. So I thought to go to pee and sleep again as I was going to toilet I was that lights were on in the guest room were by uncle's were sleeping so i thought to peek through the door and I saw that my uncle both uncle's were fucking my mom.

One was in her vagina and other was sitting on her chest and keeping his hand on my mom's mouth. I could hear little sound that " Stop it . I am your brother's wife " but they didn't stop and keep going. At that age i don't know what they were doing so I left the room I thought they would be doing their personal work .

Next day i was coming down from my room and i saw that one of my uncle was trying to grab my mom's chest and kissing her neck and grab by ass . I thought they were talking something I should not bother them and went in the living room to play games .

Both the uncle's came to living room to play the games and after some time mom came to living room with some snacks and she kept the snacks on the table. As she was going one of my uncle grabbed my mom waist and force her to sit on his lap. And after some time that uncle spoke to me " Don't worry son thinks us your father if you want anything ask us we will get it for you" I told them yes . Then that uncle slowly grabbed my mom's chest and then my mom ran away from him .

After that that It started to happen every day they used to have sex with my mom in night so that I can't hear them. But the thing was they used to take care of me as their son and don't let me in any problem.
And it continues till today but mom can't say no to them because they helped our family in financial situations.

Now I am 15 now I came to know that they both were forcing my mom to have sex with them. But now I don't care because mom is now used to it and they are very good to me . Till now they come to our home and I spy on them having sex with my mom. Even now they grab my mom's boobs infornt of me as they are my father and mom let them do whatever they want.

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