Rope Sex Slut

There's nothing more to get you turned on than rope sex. I decided to try it and that's the only way to be fucked. I had the hots for this guy but he was already involved. He had me interested when he told me and his other about his ex-wife. His other had no desire for it. She went away for the weekend and that was my chance to connect with him. I told him I wanted to pretend that I'm his wife and wanted to please him. "You have the body for it." he said as I pulled out my tits. He showed me where the bedroom was and said "Get naked, I'll be right back." He came back with various ropes. He took one rope and form a rope bra on my breasts. Tied my tits pretty hard, making them a different color. He placed my arms to my side and wrapped a rope around my belly. He toke each of my legs and tied each one with rope to the corners of his bed making sure he had access to my slit. He then tied a shoe lace behind his penis mushroom head and it really swelled up. He also tied the sack his balls was in.
There I laid tied with my legs spread. He straddled across my face grinding his tied privates into me. He slid down a bit and really grabbed my tied tits hard causing a delightful pain. He knelt between my legs and rubbed that swollen mushroom head on my clit while squeezing his nuts. He then forced it into me. That shoelace on his dick turned me on. I wanted to move my arms but couldn't. With his cock in me, he then took each individual tied tit and tied both of them together. He pulled his cock out of me and forced it into my tied breast as he flicked my swollen clit. I could feel his cream pie ooze in. My juices dribbled out and he sucked my cunt dry.

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  • Doesn't sound very appealing to me.

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