My 2nd cock

I was 8 and I was dropped off at the uncle's house for a couple of weeks one summer. We went to the lake with all the cousins and when we came back we did the usual stand in line nakid so our clothes could be washed and we all took a shower I was the last kid and uncle was behind me. I had a hard on and the neises mad comments about my big boy hard on. Uncle was hard to. I had sucked my sister's boyfriend off a lot so I knew what we were going to do in the shower. My aunt said don't suck him to long or the water will be cold. Si as we get in the shower ran for a bit and uncle shut it off. He now has his whole dick in my mouth it was about 5-6" long and he just touched my throat. He was going in and out and about 5 minutes he grabbed my head and let out a groan and he started to cum. I swallowed all of it and he said that I was gonna be getting a lot of sperm for my throat to swallow. he turned on the water and we finished our shower. He did jack my dick for 5-7 minutes. And we got out.



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  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

    There I posted that just for you dumb fuck. By the way those are peoples posts they too are sick of your shit.

  • Get it sick fucks gonna wreck this one too.

  • Naughtyposts rules
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    What part of that can't you dumb fucks get?

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