Finger Fucked a 16yr Old Schoolgirl

I left my first wife about 20yrs ago and find myself in a one bedroom flat in an area I didn't know anyone from.

At night, after work, I would sit on chat rooms trying to meet girls. I noticed a lot of the girls were really young but that didn't bother me at all because I've always preferred young girls. 16yo is legal so I only spoke to 16-21yo girls.

Eventually, I started to meet them after talking to them for a while. Some of the 16yr old girls that I met seemed younger than 16 and I think they may have lied about their age but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because the were so lovely.

I remember picking one girl up in Aberdeen. She was having trouble with her parents and wanted to stay the night with me. I was happy to oblige. She said she was 16 but she looked like 14 or even 13 when I picked her up. She was so wearing her school uniform. We got in the car and drove to mine.

We did a bit of kissing and I was stroking her face and her hair and eventuality her inner thigh. She played with my cock until I came.

That night in bed, she was sleeping but i was so horny and continued to stroke her inner legs. She was lying with her back to me. My fingers were getting higher up her leg and I could feel the soft pussy hairs as I ventured further. She didn't wake up but I put a finger inside and her pussy was soaking wet, I mean soaking! I fingered her pussy and played with my own cock until I came again.

Next morning she wanted to stay again but I said no.



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  • I don't care if she is at age of consent You are a sick fuck..

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