My pussy

I have huge lips and small clit if i were a man I’d have micro penis i guess don’t know

Husband says it the first one he saw with lips that big an clit that small
Best tasting smelling one he’s had smells best after i've cum some even better after lots of cuming
Just one reason he married it 🙂

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  • My wife has a very small clit also, and it's really not sensitive at all, until after she cums. She doesn't even enjoy receiving oral, which used to piss me off, because I used to pride myself on my pussy eating skills. She has big fat pussy lips that I love to suck on, and she lets me, just because she knows I love sucking on her pussy. She only cums from vaginal penetration, and sometimes anal, if she's really high on some good dope.

  • Did you try pushing the flesh back around it and suck/lick to stimulate it?
    this works for me it dose grow as I get more aroused..
    also since shes a vaginal cumer try stimulating the sponge area just inside her pussy, love when he sucks my lips and dose this at the same time feels great..

  • I need more sex now

  • I find large pussy lips mouthful to suck on. But if you try to enlarge your clit, massage with olive oil regularly (your husband can do it for you too) and use a clit pump drawing in the clit for 29 to 25 mnts. You will have desired result in 6 months!

  • Good idea thanks I did recently buy a clit sucker thingy and this dose help a lot, it is clear cylinder that has a thing to turn at the top that sucks it out there

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