His Secret Slut

I was my brother-in-law secret slut. My sister screwed and ruined her marriage by her values. I learned that she wouldn't suck his cock or let him do oral on her. Later I learned that oral sex is great. He tried to convince her into wife swapping and I found out later that wife swapping is a great past time.
She once was married before and she found out he was a lazy bum. She got divorced and snagged this younger guy with her big breasts. I was chubby back then with small saggy tits that had big areolas. I'm still that way but a aged into the senior category playing on the computer.
She convinced me to move into her general area and stay with them for a while. The real reason she was going thru trouble times with her marriage. He was someone I wished I met. He never said anything about my weight and let me do what I wanted to do around the house. I sometimes baby sat for them. Then she told me she was going back to Florida to visit mom and talk with her. My sister had the after birth blues.
It wasn't suppose to happen but it did. I walked in on my brother-in-law in the bathroom. He just got done showering and was drying off. "Sorry!" I said and stepped out leaving a crack opening to view him. My sister never told me about his endowment. No wonder she married him. As he ran the towel over his privates it began to stiffen up. I only seen pictures of cocks that big.
The next evening I cooked him dinner and sat on the sofa next to him. I needed real sex instead of toys. I placed my hand on his leg and started rubbing. To my surprise he pulled out his dick and kept looking at the TV without saying a word or even look at me. It must of been the beers he drank. I fondled it and lower my head down there to blow him. He was surprised I was giving him a blow job. I removed my top and asked him his opinion of them. "Small and seem to sag a bit, but nice looking big areolas."
He pushed me back and removed my bottoms, spread my thick legs a bit and tongue fucked my slit. "You're smooth! I like that! Unlike your sister." He removed his pants and teased my kitty with his endowment making my clit stiff. His cock kept rubbing on my clit as he pounded me. Finally he gave me the orgasm I needed.
I moved out of my sister's place and let her husband come over for oral sex on the condition he fucks me now and then. That's what my sister should of been doing. During their separation we fucked a lot and hung out at the adult store. Then one day we went to a private house party. I didn't want to go because of my body shape. Glad I did. I learned people swing to get orgasms. Slowly he and I drifted apart. Sex was pushed back on the back burner and getting security was more important.


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  • So you don't care about you sister and committed adultery. Thats bad Karma is a bitch and will catch up with you.

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