Their Senior Friends Help In A Reverse Gangbang

I have a strong sex drive and have fucked various age and body shapes of women needing sex, but this was the kinkiest thing that anyone has suggested and begged me to do.
Judy works in an out patient clinic and can supply me with sex meds if I needed them. They decided to hold a special Christmas party for their senior woman friends. Her mother Roxy really came up with the idea and convinced her daughter to share me. I wasn't too keen with the idea until Judy told me she would get involved in beast sex if I did this.
Judy's mother would be the host. It was held on a Sunday afternoon at Roxy's place. Roxy and Judy undressed me in the bathroom and Judy supplied me with sex meds. They paraded me around a half a dozen senior women that were half dressed and several that was totally naked. I was whistle at and felt. A fold away bed was set up in the middle of the living room and snacks drinks was lined up along the wall. Some used their cell phones to take pictures.
Judy began to oil my dick and suddenly Lori took over. She had long empty tits. She handed me the lotion to rub her tits with while she guided herself on my stiff rod. I heard cheers from the others in the room. "Go Lori, go!" Then a couple of the ladies guided their breasts into my mouth to suck. Lori got off and Roxy, Judy's mother still dress started slapping my rod and balls. "Judy told me you enjoy that babe!"
Then I had this wrinkled slut put her hairy grey snatch in my face while she licked my rod like a lollipop. Betsy was to big and heavy to get on the cot. Roxy spread a quilt on the floor. Betsy held her legs while me and my cock was pushed into her.
Luckily the sex meds helped me. It was a wild Christmas party! The women left and it was Roxy, Judy and me to clean up. Then Judy said to me, "You're mom's Christmas present. fuck her good tonight!" Judy said as she left Roxy's house. Roxy removed her clothes exposing the hairs she has between her legs and her rigid nipples. Guided me into her bedroom and began to slap and suck my cock. The old bitch really turned me on. "You're my boy toy from now on. You're officially a 'mother fucker'! Fuck me with that cock!" Roxy blurted out. I fucked her good and hard that night. Her kitty was soaking wet and filled with my cream pie created by the sex meds.

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  • Awesome dude you had a nice time .

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