Incest Right or wrong

Hey Guys..I have incest feelings towards my hot sis. Its natural or what am feeling is right or wrong.

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  • 100% rights

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  • 100% right

  • Yep!!!

  • It’s completely normal to feel that way, I personally have never done anything face to face with her however I have snuck videos of her getting changed and taking a shower, jacking off to that stuff is the best

  • It's natural to want any hot babe, even if it is your sister. Let her see your cock accidentally on purpose. If she seems into it, I'd fuck that hot body until the cows come home.

  • Only in your sick eyes dip shit.

  • You are doing it again stop replying to yourself

  • It is OK when consensual. If you think it a forbidden fruit then you will find it sweeter than fucking your monotonous wife...

  • It's completely normal and incest feeling is normal if we talk about pregnancy report in every 1000 cases 2 to 4 cases are of incest relation.

  • I completely agree. People have always had sex with family members unfortunately it's a hidden truth. Obviously it's not everyone's preference but there no point denying something that is part of our history and future. Alot of people have been brain washed against the idea of incest and are completely horrified at the thought of it. Like the person on this site that keeps calling people ladyballs! πŸ™„ You can see how Hitler was able to brain wash his fellow Germans, frightening.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls. People have made incest illegal and thats it. You wouldn't be here posting incest crap if it was normal. Yes it happens and so does arrests for incest too. Hell incest has caused murder look up these people. You sick fucks know how to use google right?
    Marcus Wesson, Eddie Lee Sexton, Ryan Wyngarden, Daniel and Ashley Rinehart, The Hinterkaifeck Murders, Fred and Rosemary West, Jerry and Daizsa Bausby and Barbara Daly Baekeland and Antony Baekeland. All committed murder over incest. Most to hide the act of incest.

    People arrested for incest.
    The Grand Island Police Department said Travis Fieldgrove, 39, and Samantha Kershner, 21, are accused of being in an intimate relationship despite the fact that they are father and daughter.

    A 42-year-old North Carolina man and his 20-year-old daughter have been arrested on incest charges after having a love child last year--and reportedly getting married
    Steven Pladl, 42, of Knightdale, and Katie Pladl, 20, were arrested Jan. 27

    Feb 18, 2020 ,It was a family secret that might have never been revealed, if not for the wonders of modern science.

    A baby boy was born to a 17-year-old mother at an area hospital in March 2017. He had a serious heart defect and was brought to London Health Sciences Centre for care. That led to genetic testing, which unsealed the secret.

    This week, in a London court, a 51-year-old man was sentenced to two years in prison, months after pleading guilty to incest over a sexual relationship with his daughter.
    β€œI’m truly sorry, sir,” the man said to Superior Court Justice Ian Leach. β€œI wish I could fix it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Her identity protected by a court-ordered publication ban

  • Dam this guy doesn't give up does he. What a dork.
    My sister and I experimented when we were younger, got naked compared, touched, fingers, masterbated, tasted, even fucked a couple of times. But I also did the same with my brother, (More so then my sister only cause we slept in the same room), we all turned out just fine. We've never abused our spouses or children, verbally or sexually.
    So is it wrong or right, I guess it all depends on how you were raised and what your beliefs are. I was raised that the body is a beautiful thing and should be cherished, nurtured, and explored. We were also taught that the naked body was a beautiful being, not that we were nudist or anything like that, there was a lot of walking around in our underwear or less, parents and kids. My siblings and I are raising our children the same way. My wife and I see nothing wrong with being naked in the house around our children, even being passionate with each other. Of course my children are 3, 6, & 10, two girls and one boy. We are a loving normal family. And if my children decide that they want to explored each other some day I have have problems with it.

  • Thats a bull shit post. Who did you list as the parents on their birth certificates? We live in the days of genetic testing it is more common place now. They can do it while the child is still in the womb. When your quote kids where born they are tested right on the spot so they can find out if there is any abnormalities that they can fix as soon as possible. Even if they where not tested when they get a little older and need medical attention, then your secret will be out of the back. And vertical bars will be blocking you.
    Dude your writing is so lame πŸ˜’ it is pathetic. If on a slim and I mean a slim chance thats it's true one day it will come back and bite you right on your sick ass. Your kids will find out they are a sick spawn for incest and will have to live with that for the rest of their fucked up lives.
    Stop posting this fake crap and get a life loser.
    The only thing you got right is that I don't give up. Can't wait for your new posts to come out. There will be a lot of surprises for you sick fucks.

  • You can give all the examples you like. But for it just re-enforces the fact that incest is happening even when it's considered unlawful. You can't fight natural urges

  • I will give examples and true facts. Can't wait for new posts to come out and do that.

  • Facts that you believe to be true

  • Facts that are backed up by medical and law enforcement Ass Wipe now show my your true facts lady balls

  • Oh well they must be true then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Yes they are true. Thats why incest is illegal and people get arrested. dumb fuck. Anything I will post will be verified by name or link dip shit.
    You do know to Google right Dumb ass?

  • These laws are man made and not necessarily correct or reflect the views of people around the world. But you can carry on putting your faith in your corrupt justice system that serves you and your fellow Americans so well. πŸ™„

  • If it wasn't for laws and law enforcement we would have anarchy and a lawless society. You would probably not be alive. Because somebody would've found you for who you are, because they legally went into the computer and found you and killed you. Most of the world knows incest is wrong and there is nothing you are going to do about it. Posting fake shit about it won't change it either.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

  • When you stop posting I will stop. God you are all babies just like all social media posts someone posts something and when someone posts negative about it you all cry. We have just as much right to post as you do and since what you post is sick and fucked up. I will post hatred of it. Why don't you take that imagination of your's and write a good post that fits with Societies rules fuck head.

  • Lady balls never said it did not happen, but that is the negative side of incest.

  • There is a negative and positive side of everything

  • More negative than positive and you know it.

  • Sorry i don't agree with you

  • Look up the facts Lady Balls.

  • Just because you read it doesn't make it factual. Lol

  • Are you fucking stupid? You don't think science is real? This shit has been studied and the facts of those studies are available. Medical fields have studied incest and reported their findings too. You don't want to believe them, well thats to bad but they are true.

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you.

  • When you stop I will stop fuck head

    Your welcome

  • I never said science isn't real. But just like physics alot od it is based on theory

  • And we weren't there to witness this tests or investigations. We don't who was tested and how.

  • Oh stop it! Real life is where they got their facts from you stupid fuck head. People learn from other peoples mistakes and make sure it doesn't happen anymore. So they pass laws against it. You are so dumb you can't comprehend that shit head.

  • Hey man you've been making these "lady balls" comments several times a day for several days at this point. Setting aside your misogyny, it is clear you are obsessed with reading these posts and yelling at anonymous people. I'm worried about you and your mental health. You likely had a sexual experience with a family member that was deeply troubling to you. Of course, on a purely sensory level, you liked the touch, and the memory of this pleasure is what led you to seek out this message board in the first place. But you have always struggled with it, leading to these rageful posts. Such inner turmoil. You are not alone.

  • No point trying to understand this guy or girl. He doesn't have any understanding of anything to do with sexual freedom.

  • You are just like every social poster out there. You dumb fucks post something and then cry when someone posts something negative about it. You only want good posts about you sick interests. You are just like some bitch that posts a picture of themselves on social media and cries when someone says you'r fat, too skinny or ugly. If you can't accept criticism don't post dip shit. You are free to post, and so are the rest of us. You gotta take the good with the bad. You are the one with mental issues dip shit. I don't care what you say about me or my posts. In fact I'm laughing right now as I'm writing this. Grow some skin or go home ass wipe.

  • And I call you all Lady Balls because thats what you got, "lady balls" If you had man balls you wouldn't be here posting your bull shit. You would tell everyone around you about the love of your life and not care about the consequences of incest. A real men would fight for what he feels is right and put an end to incest laws. Lady balls.

  • Yeah yeah again you have made your misogyny very clear the first 492 times you said lady balls. Got it.

    Where am I "crying" about anything? I'm just noting that you have been on here multiple times daily for quite a while now. I note that you are clearly obsessed with reading these posts and your angry reaction is because of your turmoil over your own sexual experience with a family member, likely female given your misogyny. It is far more likely that you first sought out this site just typing into Google about incest because of the undeniable physical pleasure of sexual contact and your inner struggle over this rather than it just hit you "I hate incest I'm gonna go spend two weeks straight yelling at anonymous people instead of loving my own life."

    I am just concerned over your well-being. Just admit it all man. You'll feel better.

  • Hey lady balls! If you look in the mirror you will see the one who needs help. Is this your confession? What is you concern about? You worried that I will do this to every new confession about incest? Well let me tell you something! I will! I promise that every new confession that comes out I will post my hatred towards it. Just as you will post you love of it. Incest is wrong immoral and illegal! If my post stops on person from trying it, thats a win. If one of you sick bastards stop posting then thats another win. This place has good confessions to read but then these sick confessions come up. I'm not the only person posting against this crap. I always include lady balls in my posts.I feel great when people look at the replies and stop posting their crap. Looking forward to your next reply lady balls.

  • You are arguing with someone else! Lol

  • No you all got lady balls so thats what I call all of you sick fucks.

  • "This place has good confessions to read but then these sick confessions come up".... They don't "come up." This is its own section man. You sought it out.

    Because 99.975% of the bullshit on here is obvious bullshit, I'd say this place is more like an outlet, but hey, ok, if this is really fulfilling to you then keep lady ballsin'.

  • No all you do is keep going through newest posts and this crap is listed lady balls. God you are so pathetic you don't know how the site works dumb fuck.

  • No it is not normal it is wrong and illegal. It is so wrong that they gave it a name. It's called incest dumb fuck otherwise it would be normal sex. But it's not.

  • What a stupid thing to say! Just because someone calls it incest or consanguinity etc doesn't make it bad. We should forget all these stupid labels that mean nothing. Sex is sex.

  • No all sex is the same dumb fuck. Incest sex is illegal and your too much of a pussy to do something about it. Instead you come here and post lies about your sick incest to jerk off to.

  • This site is a outlet to many incestuous people

  • No only a few that you can count on one hand. You do know how to count lady balls. one two three four five, oops thats more than the incest loving fucks here.

  • Once again just full of insults. Well if it makes YOU feel good, you selfish prick

  • If incest makes you feel good? Then you have made someone a victim of incest. Dumb ass Always an aggressor and always a victim. That you can not change.

  • Not everyone that is incestuous is a victim

  • Thats right lady balls Half of them are aggressors and half are victims. So stupid your walnut brain must hurt from that one.

  • Fucked up post it is wrong ass wipe.

  • How you are feeling isn't wrong or unnatural. But whether you should do anything depends on age and consent from your sister.

  • Shut up lady balls.

  • It is unnatural to have lust for a sibling. It is so wrong they gave a name for it. Incest dumb fuck.

  • Unnatural to you but not to everyone

  • Incest is only in a few heads lady balls. Thats why it is illegal where we live.

  • Not for long!

  • Stupid post lame.

  • Its right if you both feel the same way

  • Definitely!!!

  • Fuck you! It is illegal dumb fuck. Don't start with it's legal in some countries, It ain't legal where you live dumb ass. And the odds of both feeling the same way is higher then winning lotto dip shit. Someone will give in because of the love for their sibling not the love of incest. Just shut the fuck up.

  • You don't know where this person lives. Lol

  • Yes we do if it was legal where it lives then it wouldn't be here posting about it. Notice I say it. Thats because you have to be human to be called he or she. Lady balls

  • Blah blah. You are obsessed with incest.

  • Totality wrong!

  • Wrong period.

  • Incest lovers are sick.

  • Your sister is not hot.

  • Fuchada wrong Ass hole. You are so pathetic. You are lame no life losers

  • Shut the fuck up

  • You know it's wrong Ass hole you just posted this fucked up post so the other incest lovers can post their sick replies. Fuck off idiot.

  • If you don't like Incest. Shut Up & get the hell out of here bitch. Why do u even read the post. Stop being the advisory shit

  • I have just as much right to post my hatred of incest ass wipe. You can post your fake stories and all the bull shit you want. And I can post that you suck and you are full of Bull shit ass hole.

  • Genetically speaking any offspring are at a disadvantage, and there are enough ignorant fools filling the world already. Don't create more, nor join them.

  • Hi, not everyone has sex for procreation purposes.

  • Shut the fuck up Lady Balls. He wasn't talking about procreation dumb ass

  • Just admit you want to fuck your mother and the guilt is driving you crazy bum boy

  • Fuck you lady balls you can't get me mad. But get this Every time a new post comes out I will do the same thing that I'm doing now. It won't stop and I won't stop. You'r not making me mad with your dumb replies. So type anything and I will still Fuck up you lame confessions and replies.

  • I'm making you hard lol

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