Who has the Balls

Who Has the Balls?
Not me.There are at least 3 types of men, maybe more.
Men with 2 balls, men with 1, men with none. Most men have 2. I don’t know what proportion have 1 or zero balls, but it’s a small number I guess. I HAVE 1 ball only. I lost the other when I was 15. It was traumatic and has profoundly shaped my life, and my ballsack ( haha).
I am ashamed and humiliated, I feel less than a man. I am insanely jealous of men with both their balls. When my wife was unfaithful, I was devastated by the thought of her hand finding a real man, and finding out and being aroused by, the feel of a full ballsack, of knowing that 2 is better than 1.
I managed, somehow, women , pussy, fucking , licking, cumming, all that.Then I discovered porn in the Internet. Eventually, I saw men, their stiff cocks, big swaying ballsacks, the two balls hanging down, waiting to be be fondled. So I became turned by pictures, ballsacks, two big balls. This made me feel inadequate, humiliated, but highly aroused. Then I found videos, then videos of men sucking each other, gloryholes, men spunking into each other’s mouths. And I wanted it , wanted it all, the cock, the balls, the spunk.
Now at last , I’m getting real actual cock. And I love fondling their two beautiful balls, especially big ones. I love the spunk coming from from the balls I have longed for so long. I’m in my late 50s now. At last I’m feeling and seeing what a real man should be ,it arouses me so much. I’m married, but need nothing more than men with balls so I can possess them for a short time, make them give their spunk loads to me, so I can see and taste. My need seems endless. It’s all compensation of course, for what I lost and what I still long for.

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  • Nothing so delicious as last night with a hot man on man and his teenage son, sucked that boy and tasted not only a great hard throbbing 7" boy cock spurting delicious wads of cum but enjoyed one of best butt fuck ever! Young horny stud butt fucked 3 great loads of cum balls deep into my cum/cock hungry ass-hole--tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • Does he still get a great hard meaty throbbing hard cock and spurts delicious wads of cum then what the fuck!!!!! tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • While masturbating I pushes my balls over to the abdomen and jerks and cums. The balls stay up there till my erection relapses.

  • Husband doesn't like his balls touched at all during oral says it tickles in a bad way, so I leave them alone

  • You should ask him if you can squeeze his balls hard while you suck and play with his cock , he'll love it

  • Do you want to play with his balls?

  • I'm fine ether way would do it if he wanted, but don't feel like i'm missing anything by not playing with his nuts
    its his body his choice

  • You have no real desire for his or any man’s balls, to feel and lick and smell them?

  • Nope

  • I do, that’s what I want to do.

  • Have you asked your doctor about installing a fake ball due to your injury?

  • No. My identity is fixed now, as a half male, the humiliation is part of it. My need to fondle and lick ballsacks is something I don’t want to change.its the thing that arouses me .

  • Now I have crossed that boundary I realise how I need men’s full ballsacks, the 2 balls for me to worship and treat with awe and reverence. It helps compensate for what l lost. For me now it’s an absolute need, to feel, lick, suck and smell those beautiful balls.

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