Cock Eating Slut

Recently I have formed a relationship with this woman who I thought was a great cock sucker but found out Peanut is the greatest cock loving slut around.
Sharon I met thru the internet. I was a bit disappointed when we met because she had small breasts but she made up for that by giving me head on our first date. She got me hooked. Whenever we got together she would give me head and I love to eat her hairy tasting snatch. Her daughter was married to a lazy beer guzzler named Jamie.
Then on a holiday gathering Jamie, Sharon's son-in-law, introduced me to his mother Peanut. I saw that she has great cleavage and she knew I was looking at them. "Hot mom." I told Jamie. "Yeah, hotter than Sharon." he said to me. " Better mouth fucker too!" That left me wondering.
Sharon and I played around several times and I couldn't hold back from asking Sharon if she gave head to her son-in-law. She said she did but that was before he married her daughter. She regrets it now.
Dana, Sharon's daughter, was over to borrow something. When Dana and I was left alone, she brought out the subject of my feelings toward her mother because Peanut, her mother-in-law has an interest in me and Dana wouldn't get upset if I cheated on her mom as she grabbed my privates and smiled.
I get a phone call, it was Dana begging me to eat out with her and her husband and Peanut. We went to this Bar-Grille where Mark hangs out and sat in a dark booth area. Dana sat across from me and started to play footsy with my privates, while Peanut exposed more of her cleavage and placed her hand on my lap and then on my bulge. I got the hint and grabbed Peanut leaving money behind to pay the bill.
There was a motel next door. I got a room to jump on Peanut. In the room Peanut and I fondled each other's privates. She pushed me on the bed and exposed her huge breasts while giving me head. "You're endowed more than my son." "Thanks." I blurted out while telling her that her tits are larger than Sharon's, not thinking she said son. I thought she was talking about other cocks she used. She worked my cock really good and took it deep in her mouth. I pulled her head on my cock right up to my balls which she was squeezing. "I'm teaching Dana to be a better cock sucker than her mom. You could teach my son how to get a woman to climax from tongue licking."
She placed her cunt in my face while she was still busy cock sucking me. I pulled opened her shaven cunt to expose her clit and began to tongue fuck her. She started to slide her big tits side to side on me. Tits that Sharon needed. We both climaxed at the same time. Sharon and I never climaxed together. Always separate orgasms.
Peanut and I became both fuck-a-holics and got tats together. Sharon dropped me after I got put on tats.


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  • I should go kill myself. You are killing me

  • Boring! Try harder. Be more concise . Reading this was like watching paint dry. Thanks a lot . I could have been doing my nails while my BF fucked me.

  • Hairy tasting?

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