My Cousin's Booty Part 4

Hi, it's Joey again. this is a continuation of my memories involving my cousin Mandy's butt from when we were young. If you want to read those you can try to do a bing search for them (it works better than Google for this particular purpose).

Today is a collection of experiences from outside of the time period where I consistently got to see and touch Mandy's butt (when she was roughly ages 8-11). That time period was when the vast majority of those experiences took place but there were a few outside of that. Please enjoy my memories!

This first one was EXTREMELY early, she was 6 and I was 10, it was the 4th of July, at our grandparents' house. The fireworks had just ended but everyone was still socializing outside, but Mandy and I were inside since it was hot, she was wearing a dress, and, being very young, hadn't yet started to understand how to move and sit and lie down with a dress on. so she was moving about on the couch and her dress came up. "haha, I can see your underwear" I laughed. She said "they're really soft!" so I replied "Can I Feel 'em?" "yes" she responded, so I started rubbing the part of her panties that covered her butt. "yeah, they are soft. I bet they feel soft on the inside too, can I feel 'em in there?" "ok" so I reached into her panties and felt her panties and her buttcheeks, flipping my hand a few times, just lightly rubbing back and forth, I was honestly just curious about how girls' butts were different, because even at that age I knew they were shaped different, and from this experience, I learned that they were softer.

This next one was from that same year, but later on in December, at our grandparents' house again. For whatever reason, Mandy and I were staying the night there and so was our Aunt (who was like around 24 at the time I think) our Aunt decided that we would all sleep in the same bed that night, so I wore Pajamas, but both my aunt and Mandy both just wore t-shirts and panties, Mandy slept between us. I remember going to sleep like normal at first, but then I woke up not long into the night, it was probably like 11 or something, my Aunt and Mandy were fast asleep. I had an idea, to just reach into Mandy's underwear and just feel her butt for a little while, so I did just that! It was just as soft and smooth as I had remembered it being back on the 4th of July. I don't know how long I rubbed her butt, but I actually fell asleep doing so, and when I woke up it was morning and a few of my fingers were still slipped into the band of her panties, it was a nice memory.

This last one is actually way after. This happened at my house when she was 19 and I was 23, so we're both adults at this point. We were all drinking, me, Mandy, a couple other cousins and a friend. It got really really late and we were all drunk, so we all went to sleep in the same room that has like 3 spare beds. I decided to also bring my mattress in there and put it on the floor just to complete everyone sleeping in the same room thing. I set it up right next to the bed Mandy laid down to sleep on, and everyone went to sleep. I, however, was suffering from a bit of insomnia. I heard Mandy's breathing next to me and I started thinking about all the fun times I had with her booty, so I felt like there actually may not be any harm in just rubbing her butt a little bit. She was wearing leggings, and i just reached my hand up and felt her buttcheeks over the leggings, even though she had grown up, her butt was the same shape it had always been, perfectly round and petite. She continued to stay fast asleep, so I reached into her leggings and underwear and started rubbing her bare bottom. It brought back so many memories, it felt so soft, smooth, and perfect, it was awesome. I only felt it, I didn't get to see it since she was covered in blankets. I really wanted to see it, kiss it, and rub my face in it, but I didn't want to disturb her. I'm just glad I got that last experience feeling my little Cousin's Booty.


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  • I felt her 9 yo pussy when I was 13. She was deep in sleep (I suppose) and I sneaked into her room. My hand started to stroke her pussy - soft and warm with few hairs... Suddenly she moaned a little and widened her thighs that gave me better access to her slit. I continued sliding my fingers along the slit and she shivered couple of times and closed her thighs....

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  • Can you imagine! These sickos and their perverse thoughts! Who would ever get off to this shit? Rubbing on an 11 year old girls supple bottom. She probably was wearing those tiny cotton undies, I imagine in a soft lavender color. Perhaps with little white and yellow daisies printed on them, or purple and blue butterflies. The thin material little more than a suggestion, outlining her bulb of a bottom. How it rolled up from the subtle arch of her back before swooping back to her milky, young thighs. I can almost see the cusps of her cheeks, exposed and fondled by familia hands. An innocent violation perhaps, but a violation nonetheless. A violation that still arouses the fondness of the memories and lustful desires leading to this post. To envision him in bed, heart pounding in nervous anticipation, his aunt merely a breathe away as his hand slowly slipped once again towards its forbidden and taboo destination eager to fulfill his own self-obsequious lust. Family flesh on family flesh, his fingertips exploring, becoming aware of the softness, the smoothness of her supple 11 year old bottom. Not yet formed enough to be called an ass, to suggest it as such would be as vulgar as the act itself. No this was innocence incarnate, in sleeping child flesh, ending in inquisitive incest. And to think any one would masturbate to such a thing.

  • I want to clarify that in that particular story she was still 6 and I was 10, I understand the confusion, I mentioned that “it was probably 11” that was referring to the time, 11pm

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