Butt Plug

Sometimes when I jerk off I use my wife’s dildo I’m my ass. I find it gives me a more intense orgasm. Now I am thinking of getting a butt plug so I can wear it under my clothes when out and about and even into the office. Wearing a butt plug while interacting with my coworker is a definite turn on for me. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • I love playing with my ass. I love a dildo in my ass when I masturbate. I’m a straight male and love to get pegged.

  • I'm a married bisexual who's only been with one guy...my best friend Mark whom I've known since grade school. He was the Best Man at our wedding and in more ways than one...he's extremely well hung with a 9" cock. We didn't start having sex until after college, shortly before both of us got married in the early 80s. Mark refused to buttfuck me until I'd been broken in properly, so he bought me some buttplugs of varying sizes and told me to wear them as much as possible. He promised me that, once I'd been wearing the largest size (about 6" long with a 3" girth) for at least one month, I'd be ready for his cock. And he was right.

    Mark and I don't get to fuck as often as we used to, since we now live in different states. Maybe once or twice a year at the most. But I still prep for our get togethers with the butt plugs. Still got them...hidden away where the wife will never find them.

  • Couple of poofters

  • Bisexuality is a real option, and straight men still have prostate glands that enjoy stimulation, fool.

  • Won't be long before you are singing show tunes and marching in gay parades and taking the man meat up your Aids infestered ass.

  • Which show? Hello Dolley? Or Hair? I know Oklahoma.

  • Idiot.

  • Go for it you will love it. I use one when driving and walking through the park love the way it makes me fill like everyone one is looking at me and knows

  • Buttplug Friday is great.

  • I may be a woman, but I LOVE buttplug days! Sometimes it’s the tail (owiwowoooo) and other days it’s just the little gem. No matter what I love what I’m given and always rise to the occasion

  • Hope it gets stuck in your arse

  • Why the hate?

  • Not hate just having some fun, silly arsehole

  • Great feeling i do anal play all the time

  • Hope you washed your wife's dildo when you were done with it

  • Your turning into a poofter, you queer prick

  • Why do you have to spread hate and ignorance? If you have such a problem with sex and sexuality why are you reading and commenting on this site? Why don’t you just do yourself and the world a favor and get some professional help or just kill yourself already and let people do what makes them happy? You are what’s wrong with humanity.

  • Why do you equate one person's opinion with hatred and assume that his opinion is wrong and should not be voiced? He has as much right as any other human to voice his opinion. Just because you don't agree with it does not make it wrong. It is your attempt to silence opposing opinions that is wrong with our society, that was founded on the principles of freedom to express ones opinions, not to silence those you disagree with.

  • He is using derogatory terms concerning gays, and it is offensive, it is not just a personal viewpoint.

  • Nothing wrong with that.

  • Have no idea as I never bought one have fun though

  • A lot of my coworkers behave like something is shoved in their ass.

  • Lol

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