I have literally had the shit fucked outta me, sometimes when the dildo was just a little too large if there was any thing in the poop shoot it got squished out gross huh

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    • My man loves me shitting in his dick

    • That's really nasty but it happens some times, and sometimes, even though I'm so embarrassed, I just have to wait till he's done to do anything about it, and sometimes they're mean and call me names, but sometimes they don't even mention it, and sometimes they like it and even go down on me. One even said, Hey, don't worry about it. Shit happens. The thing is, it's like taking the greatest shit in the world, when you cum at the same time. But I always want them gone as soon as possible, mostly because I like it and don't want them to see that.

    • When I’m getting anally pounded and I’m into it….I mean really into it…It feels so fucking good I don’t care if there’s shit. Don’t stop fucking me daddy. Fuck the shit out of me.

    • Keep eating that shit!

    • You are really nasty

    • You are really stupid

    • Absolutely stupid!

    • Always douche before anal. More comfortable too.

    • I know, and you're right, but sometimes I want his dick way more than my dignity, and sometimes it just feels too good to give a shit about shit. Like, Daddy don't stop but I am losing control. They never stop when you say that.

    • Yeah that is probably what I should have done this was a dildo in my vagina though really I just posted it cause I wanted to add something to the gross area
      we have not used that one in a while, think maybe it was too big..

    • Well, aren't you the nicest person, doing us a favor like that!

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