I want to have sex with my nieces

I want to fuck my nieces. The younger blonde, more than the older brunette. They are now both grown and the older one is married. To be honest, I have had the desire to have sex with them before they became of age. I don't know if it was intentional flirtation, or if they were unaware of their behavior and the way they would sit or lay around when I was visiting my brother. Even when they were into puberty, they would scamper through the house in various stages of undress, knowing full well I could see them. They would sit with their legs spread so I could see up their shorts or skirts and they weren't wearing any underpants. They would even scratch or rub their hand across the fabric so that it pulled back to better reveal their enticing pussies. I would often go to the bathroom and jerk myself off after getting one of their shows.

Now that they are older and have really developed, the blonde is an absolute knock-out and I frequently fantasize about spreading her legs and plowing into her until I cum inside her.

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  • Most Uncles would fuck at least one of their nieces! My niece is 14 and has amazing tits! I would definitely fuck her!

  • Lame post sick fuck.

  • If a girl says hi to you, your sick ass thinks she is flirting with you. Why can't you learn to ignore flirts from young girls like we all do. Because this is bull shit and you want to get off to the replies. Hope this one helps ass hole.

  • Sick prick

  • So what have you done about it??

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