Flashing nude to a young girl

My bedroom window is adjacent to the park and a berry tree branch just is

about 5 feet apart from the window. The other day as I was coming out

from the attached bath wearing only the towel around the waist, I saw

through the gap of the curtains, a girl around 18 years climbing the

tree. I just drew aside the curtains and removed my towel and facing the

window fully nude started as if drying my hair. The girl reached the

branch facing my window and though the gap of the towel I could see the

surprise look in the eyes of the girl. She paused as if not to make any

noise and get noticed. I looking down slowly started to dry my cock

giving a full view of manhood to the girl on the tree branch. I raised

my leg placing it on the bed and slowly dried both legs. Then I turned

to the mirror on the back where I could watch the reaction of the girl

seeing my nudity. My Cock too was semi erect. Since I had taken my time

to dry up I had to get dressed which I did at the slowest pace.

Thereafter I went to the balcony as if to watch the activities at the

park. Saw the girl climbing down the tree. When down on ground she

looked up and saw me. I just acted cool and innocent as if I was not

aware that the girl has seen me nude.



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  • You should have better given a masturbation show.

  • I agree , l definitely would have played with my meat to see her reaction , if she stayed to enjoy l would have shot my load out the window

  • You are a sick fuck If I saw you twig and berries hanging out of the window. I use them for target practice.

  • The girl is 18-ish, looking in his window, it's not like he cornered her in an alley and whipped it out or something. She could have chosen to merely look away if she was offended.

  • She was aware about his privacy

  • You need to climb that berry tree and act like a nut.

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