Horny 14 year old

I'm always so horny and jerk off whenever I get the chance, none of my female friends want to act on our horniness so I always end up just jerking off. I like older women so if you are older than 30 and a woman obviously please comment and I will reply

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  • You’re just the age I like, let’s talk. Have you ever been pegged?

  • I have not

  • Any interest? A lot of guys are intimidated at first but grow to like it, and it doesn’t mean taking a huge dildo at first. Might even start with a small plug while you’re on your back ;-)

  • Idk I'm willing to try I guess

  • That’s the spirit, lol!

  • How can I contact you

  • Please don’t do it, OP.

  • Sweetheart, you are too young to be with this person. Please do not provide your contact info.

  • Hey hun ..lets talk xx

  • What's your email

  • Isn't that what mums are for???

  • I do have both a mom and a step mom but sadly neither of them want anything more than a mother son relationship

  • That's a shame.

  • Have you ever tried with your mum?

  • How do I try with her

  • Try flirting with her and complimenting. So basically seduce her. Being really affectionate with her.

  • Too young to be on an adult site so piss off

  • I'm a guy, 34, crossdresser, and I remember being exactly where you are! I would love to be your first blowjob, I've been a few guys' first male blowjob but they'd all gotten *some* oral from women, and none of them was 14. If you're in Maine hmu, you could walk right past me and think I was a woman!

  • Fuck off sick fuck. You'r a pedo.

  • So, *I'm* a sicko for commenting, but OP isn't for posting this and asking specifically for my age range? Is it only pedophilia when the grown-up is a woman? Is that the accepted double standard we're going with these days?

  • Don't respond to him. He is only here to cause trouble

  • Yes. 14 years old = constantly horny.

  • At 14, I was in a 'human relations' class at school and had an out-of-touch teacher. He told us "At your age, your interest in sex will only be curiosity." Just a few seconds before, I was struggling to hide the boner in my pants that had popped up upon watching one of the sluttiest fuck-pots in my year sitting nearby. I thought "Only curious eh?".

  • I'm 14 and jerking off right now

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