The addiction is so powerful to suck cock!

I was 14 when my best friend slept over and we slept on the floor together on a blanket and in the middle of the night waking up out of my sleep I was feeling him up while he was still sleeping his cock was sticking out through his long johns hole and I put my mouth around his cock for only a minute or 2 he never woke up I was scared if he did it was such a turn on but after that nothing ever happened and I put it off for years until the urges were just so powerful I sucked my first cock at 49 and I’ve sucked a total of 18 Cocks in 5 years and I constantly thinking about sucking cock every day and love it!!

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  • I'm white , 63 and have awesome sex with my wife but I've been aching to suck my first cock for some time now , l keep thinking about sucking a big hard vieny cock. I've started to make cock to eye contact with guys l find attractive wherever l am , even if my wife is with me

  • I tried really hard to ignore J but he`d caught me several times looking down at his cock and that smirk was all ways there as he came out the showers and never tried to turn away.I was 45 and married and id fought these urge`s all my life yet this time i kept looking and finally sucked him of when everyone else had gone.He was only 20 and pushing this cock in my mouth as far as i could take it.It filled my mouth but id waited a long time for this and so had he by the way he gave me his cock and came in my mouth.He said don`t worry your secret is safe and you will be getting a lot more cock of me i assure you.

  • Welcome to cock sucking. I sucked my first cock when I was older than you. I’m hooked. One of the best things I have done.

  • Wanna suck mine? I'm straight.

  • I’m 48 and my wife doesn’t know I’ve been sucking cock since I was 13. Love to deep throat and have a guy explode down my throat. If I’m lucky I will suck a cock a couple times a month but with COVID it’s been a few months now and I am seriously Jonesing

  • Age 64 , wife does not know. My first 18 months ago. Total is 5 cocks in 18 months. Cannot stop wanting the next suck , or 10! It’s such a wonderful experience sexy sensual rude and empowering. The feel in the mouth, round smoothness, the cock expanding pulsing in the mouth as the spunk cums up.

  • Just suck first and he cum in mouth. I’m 61 and hooked. Married. She don’t know I like dic. I want more cock, x
    Can only think about suck cock nothing else matters

  • I hear you! I am at over 200 cocks now, but that's over 20 plus years.

  • Your lucky I can't find a man around here with a nice fully loaded cock to swallow

  • Isn’t it great.... I’m jealous...

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