Let my dog lick me

When I was younger I had a small dog and noticed it would always chew my panties up on the floor. Only the part that had a scent of my private area. I was curious at this time. I had just found out what porn was and started watching frequently. My panties would get so wet. After I got done with porn I would take a shower. It never failed, every single time my doggy would lick and chew up my panties. Then I had an idea.... what if I let my doggy lick me... so one night while everyone was asleep I called my doggy into my room. I shut the door and locked it. I pulled off my pants and panties and invited my doggy to get under the covers. I opened my legs wide and waited.. a few seconds later I felt my doggy’s wet nose touch my skin sniffing around. My doggy found my sweet spot and immediately started licking. My doggy licked my slit all the way deep down in my butt hole. It was the most amazing thing ever. I still do this with my dog. I know it wrong but there is nothing else better then this feeling. I feel remorse but my doggy loves it too. We enjoy it together. I don’t think it’s that bad if it makes us both so happy....

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  • Have you tried sucking him or fucking yu should . It great

  • Well, I believe it's called beastiality. Sex with an animal. So yes, the "world" thinks it's wrong. But just do you. Now I know why I see soooo many single females with one dog. Just hope they aren't judgy people themselves lol

  • I let my dog luck my cock and I absolutely love it! No need for tissues

  • Dogs love the smell of stinky pussy. I guess I must be a dog...

  • Love to see that x

  • Is your dog male?

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