My mom fucked my teacher to pass me in exams

I am having this burden since a year finally I can share .

All of this happened to me when I was in high school I was about to get fail in my exams due to less concentration and playing lot of games.

One day it happened that my principal called to the office and started to scold me that if you are getting the Marks like this you are going to fail this year and won't be able to go to next Class. He told me that to bring my parents to the school to meet him.

That day at home I told my mom that the principal has called the parents to the school. Next day due to some work my dad went out of station for work. I took my mom and went to the principal office. Principal started to tell my mom that if he scores the same mark he will failed .

Then my principal told me to wait outside so that he can talk to my mom so I went outside. I don't know what they were talking about. After some time I started to hear some small sounds from the principal office. So I thought to peek inside thing that i saw gave me a small heart attack. I saw that i mom was half naked with her breast out . Then after some time the principal started to come closure to my mom then started to fuck her.

The things that I saw I can't forget it. I saw after some time my mom started to dress up. After some time principal called me to the office and tell that he is giving me a final chance to improve the Marks. Then we went back home I ran to my room and started crying. I was feeling so guilty that my mom have to fuck my principal for my bad grades.

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  • Don't feel bad at all, this is something great for you just think when ever you are getting bad grades your mother will sort the problem, fantastic woman too this is a real women you are very lucky

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