Slut Girlfriend Made Me Her Cuckold

Pam my girlfriend is not one to get guys to eye her. She's plain looking, chubby, with sort of a beer belly, small breasted and likes to turn me on with her nasty talk as she gives me head and while I'm eating her out and rimming her. She makes sex an enjoyable past time. I thought I was the only guy pleasing her because of her doggish appearance, but I was wrong.
I was very horny one at one lunch hour, so I went over to Pam's place to get her to blow me. I snuck in the back door with my pants undone and holding them up with my hand. I heard Pam talking nasty in her bedroom. I peaked in and saw her half brother Phil fucking Pam's hairy snatch. He had a huge thick cock that kept penetrating her wet pussy. I let my pants drop exposing my average hard cock and sat down jerking it while watching her getting pleased by her half brother. Hearing her scream out loud and seeing her pinch her nipples really turned me on. Phil knew I was watching so he began to talk dirty to Pam. "Better than your boyfriend's Pam?" he blurted out. "His cock you can deep throat, but his tongue is the best a woman can have working on her clit." she answered back and realized I was in the room and Phil ordered Pam to get her mouth fucked by my dick as he doggy fucks her. " I want to watch my half sister dirty mouth get fucked hard while he watches me give you pleasure in your wet snatch."
After we all gotten off, Pam said to me if this broke our relationship. "Hell no! It enhanced my sexual thoughts about you being the slut that you are. You guys been fucking behind peoples back without them knowing that you two are sinners all these years."
Whenever Phil comes over I would watch Pam get on Phil's stiff rod while she pinches and pulls on her nipples and screams out in joyful dirty words as his cream pie drips out of her.

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