Gay sex

I was 17 almost 18 and went to the beach with an older guy friend for the day. About 10 minutes from he told he was gay and wanted to suck my dick. He waited until we were close to home incase i got mad and kicked him out of my truck. He reached over and touched my dick which was chubbed. I immediately went the long way home as he was sucking my dick i exploded in his mouth and he swallowed wvery drop and i took him home. All week we planned to go camping the next weekend he would text me everyday saying be wanted to suck me off again. So we went camping and long story short there were 4 of us in one tent i had the outside and he was next to me we waited for them to fall asleep so he could suck my dick after i came i wanted to try it also so i sucked his dick and swallowed. I was adickted. We hung out all the time after and eventually i wanted his dick in my ass. It took some time to get in there but id let him fuck me all the time and take his load all the time. Unfortunately he moved away and i dont have any discrete dick anymore:(

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  • Calling all cock suckers. I'm 54 , 6ft 3in and my cock is 9.75 inches long and 6.8 girth looking for fun with all cumers. Don't care what your cock size is or what ya look like. Ugly fugly men welcome.

  • Where are you

  • Annapolis , MD. Area forgot to say that.

  • Email me

  • Looking in the maryland/delaware area

  • Hi there fagboy I'm in your area and ready to have my cock sucked. I will also fuck you in your ass when you like.

  • Hi fagboy whats your email mine is kew@ mail. Com. Clearly without the spaces

  • Every guy has a dick, just find a new one.

  • Your momma's got a dick too and it ain't your daddy's

  • I got a new one so pucker the fuck up. 💋

  • Where are you prude ass

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