Panties in the park

I love wearing nylon panties. I started as a teen and have worn them ever since. I also love sucking cock and getting fucked. I have a park nearby that I go to cruise for horny men. I wear just a t-shirt and a pair of nylon running shorts slit up the sides with my lacy nylon vanity fair panties on underneath. I always make sure they are showing as I sit at some picnic tables. Men come up and they see my pretty panties and they start rubbing their hard cocks. I pull the leg of my shorts up to show my shaved hairless cock in my panties to them. Then we walk in the woods where I suck them off and swallow their cum or they bend me over and fuck my sissy ass. I love being a horny gay sissy slut.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I don't know what it is about being in panties in the park hanging out around the path lights that's so sexy like? I've just started high school and I would die if the other guys at school knew how much cuter I am dressed like a girl and that I've been with lots a men!

  • I drove to a nearby park in my city one night dressed in a tight short skirt, high heels and fishnet stockings. I love looking and feeling like a whore. When I got there I found my favorite spot where nobody else is ever parked. I parked my car, got out and took a walk. I walked in a section of the park where it is always dark and no one could see how I was dressed. After awhile I decided to return to my car. As I walked toward my car I could see three other cars parked very close to mine. I stopped and sat down on a bench to wait until the other cars left. It was dark where the bench was so no one could see how sexy I was dressed. Soon two of the three cars had left. There was only one car left that I had to out wait. I waited patiently watching the car out of the corner of my eye.. Suddenly the occupant of the last car turned on his headlights. I knew he could see me. I turned my head away from the light. I tried to wait until he turned the lights out but he didn't. He left them on shinning right on me. I finally left the bench and began walking to my car. I knew he could see me and how I was dressed. I made it to my car, unlocked the door and got in. within a few seconds he was knocking on my car window. He told me I looked nice and asked if I wanted to see his dick. I said yes and he unzipped his pants and showed it to me. It was a really impressive size. It was about nine inches. He pressed it to my mouth and I began sucking it. Suddenly he stopped and said we can do anything here. He said he knew a better place. He wanted me to follow him as he drove to where ever that "better" place was. We ended up in back of a gay bar where he parked his car. I parked mine and got into his. He immediately pulled out his dick and I took it into my mouth. I had only sucked it a few minutes before I heard him say "I'm about to cum." I didn't think he was serious but he busted a load of warm cum in my mouth seconds later. Then he asked for my number. I gave to him.

  • Wouldn't mind meeting you in the park, you sound like a lovely little slut!

  • Oh how sexy to wear panties and let men see them, but only in the park. I was a young park model for a long time and I loved being fucked most of all. I did suck cock also. Horny men, do meet at the park.

  • Me too!

  • Parks are a great place to meet horny men at night. I used to go there all the time and had plenty of sexy fun.

  • Wanting to be a girl since I was a teenager and having a petite girly body..I started collecting all girly lingerie and a multitude of panties and masturbating in them all the time..When shemale porn videos came on the scene, I want to be one of them..soo I became one and I can tell you it's been so much fucking fun finding shemale and lesbian friends that we can fuck, suck, lick and masturbate each other until we cum in all our pussies and just keep playing and loving each other and getting off, just having a gay wonderful time with each other without any gilt...!!!

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  • Me and my friend are wondering if straight guys boy's or men like cute boy's who are sissies?

  • No noone likes sissies they are just poofters in disguise

  • So why do I keep getting fucked, then?

  • I'm still married and use to have sex with my wife 4 or 5 times a week and we also 69, 3 or 4 times a week.

    But since I was 15, I'm 41 now, I have been fucking my best friend's ass daily. Terry was 13. when it started during a sleep over at his house. His parents went out and we drank some beers. He said he had to show me something about him.

    We went to his bedroom, and he went into his bathroom and came out dressed as a girl. I said dude, what is this? Terry just said, This is what I am. I want to be a girl, because I love you. Next thing I knew we were kissing, and 10 minutes later we I was in his ass losing my virginity and taking his anal virginity. We had sex 4 times that night with him dressed up. He came from anal two times, his cock is small barely 2 inch. I love playing with his boy-clit making Terry cum.

    Since that night we have made love every day. On my wedding day, he wore a gown and I fucked him before the wedding. We even exchanged rings. He traveled to Hawaii were my honeymoon was and we met at his hotel (I was supposed to be golfing) and I made long beautiful love for hours to my real bride. Even the days my kids where born, I needed to be with him.

    We love each other, 15 years ago he had breat implants, Terry is my perfect woman.

    I don't know if I'm gay. Terry is the only man I want to make love to. But 5 months ago when the lockdown started, i left my wife. I do love her also but even though I love my wife, I've decided to divorce her. I need to be with my true wife Terry.

  • Me and my friend have been wearing panties since we started middle school and that was like four years ago.
    We even have some boyfriend's who like us too.

  • Yes baby yes sexy I'm horny and love wearing thongs and thigh high stocking smoking getting turned on love cumming in them imagine you pounding me hard and cumming in me

  • Such a queer cunt

  • Rude.

  • I am a sissy to and I love cocks and getting fucked there is nothing better I don't give a fuck about labels this is who I am and yes well done sister

  • There is a long running path that I jog on. There was a good looking girl with tight shorts running ahead of me. When we got up to some woods I jumped her. I dragged her out of sight and pulled off her shorts. She was wearing silk panties that I tore off her. She had some nice tits that I pulled out once I was fucking her pussy.

  • Your telling lies you filthy prick

  • I didn't need to worry because I was already wearing a mask! She had one tight pussy. Her tits wear nice and perky with long nipples for me to suck on.

  • Dam I bet you look sexy baby I wear thong and thigh high stocking for all guys that want to see me and fuck me hard and cum inside me

  • Mmmm, I'm getting hard just reading that, wouldn't mind fucking you in your thong!

  • Are you confessing to a sexual assault? You sound like an asshole.

  • You sound like a poofter

  • Better than sounding like an idiot.

  • Well that just goes to show what a goose you are

  • Me and my friend are sissies and have been since middle school. We both have been with other boys a lot and are now in high school starting this year. I was at my aunt's apartment in the city and there's a park nearby where gay guys meet people. She knows that I'm a sissy and have boyfriends but she said "stay clear of the park, you're way too young, fresh faced and cute to go there." I ignored her and when she went out I went there dressed up as pretty as I could. I got into trouble and three guys who were actually men took turns having sex with me and I was too scared and embarrassed to tell anyone.

  • Are you saying you were raped?

  • In a way I think but I wanted to be with someone and not another boy like always. It was like I couldn't stop myself, I never was like that before?

  • I am the same, but I dress a completely female with lovely expensive lingerie and stockings, sexy floaty skirts and frilly blouses. I hangout at UK picnic areas where I pick up older men who love to kiss, fondle and then fuck me until I'm squealing, I love it.
    Sometimes the guy is to nervous to go into the woods, then we make love in my car. I remember I was straddled across the back seat one afternoon, Eustace was right up me thrusting like a bull when a car pulled up into the adjoining parking spot with a dog walker in it. He sat there wanking watching us while he wanked himself, it was fun!!

  • Sounds like a nice park to visit I would love to check it out

  • It’s near Kensington palace...I’ll be there by the bridge

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