I met this guy on a phone chat line years ago. We talked awhile and discovered that we both liked to dress up and wear slutty female outfits. He asked if he could come over one night after work so we could have sex. I said yes. He said he would go home first and change into something really sexy before coming to see me. I said ok. Later that night when he finally got to my house he was wearing a really short mini-skirt, high heels and fish-nets. He looked really good. I was naked with just my robe wrapped around me. I led him to my bedroom where we began to kiss and feel each other. He moaned softly and said he wanted to fuck the sh!t out of me. I pushed him onto my bed and reached up under his skirt and found his dick and started playing with it. I pulled it out and put it in my mouth. He wasn't that big, maybe about six inches, so I was able put his entire dick in my mouth and proceeded to give him a really good blow job. His dick fit nicely in my mouth and I was able to slid it all the way down my throat with no problem at all. I caressed it with my tongue and sucked on it gently. Once I had it all the way in my mouth I began to suck on it harder and harder. Suddenly he came in my mouth. He looked at me in surprise and said "Why did you do that??" "Why did you make me cum so quick??". I was shocked I thought he would last longer then that. I watched as his dick went down until it was completely limp. He never got it up for the rest of the night. So we made a date to get together for another night. When that night came he came over and again he was dressed really slutty and he wanted to fuck really bad. Again I took him to my bedroom, got him on the bed and started to perform oral sex on him. And again he squirted a load of cum in my mouth. Then he told me that if I didn't stop sucking his dick like that he would never be able to fuck me like he wanted. I told him that if that's as long as you can last I don't want you to fuck me anyway. We never did actually have sex. He just couldn't last long enough.

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  • I like to cum while I'm being fucked. Its the best feeling I ever had. It leaves me weak. But not many guys can last that long.

  • I am a married man but I secretly crossdress. I met up with an older gentleman with the purpose of me giving him oral sex. I ended up seeing him 4 different times. I too suffer from premature ejaculation, and the last time I was over there I ended up orgasming while giving him a blowjob while he fingered me. It was so exciting to have him in my mouth and feel him pulling my thong to the side and touching my hole. When he slipped his finger inside me, I instantly climaxed all over his bed. So embarrassing to admit.

  • Why be embarrassed? It just shows how incredibly turned on you were by it.

  • There are so many emotions I went through going through these experiences. I was excited while getting dressed up knowing I was actually going to show someone. I was scared because if my wife found out, it would ruin us. I was also scared because he is literally a stranger, much bigger than me and I was worried he would hurt me or rape me or expose me. I felt shock and excitement each time I touched him. I couldn't believe I was actually playing with another man's big cock. Being able to make him orgasm gave me such a powerful feeling it's hard to explain, it was like my reward for a job well done as a sexy slut. All of this leaves me feeling ashamed and embarrassed. I wish I could really talk about this stuff more openly, but I have so much to lose.

  • There is nothing quite so exciting as getting dressed en-femme in expensive silky lingerie, stockings and suspenders, a floaty, flirty skirt and silk blouse with a pair of manageable high heels and then waiting for your older lover to arrive and make love to you!!
    Then to feel his hands lifting your skirt hem to reach under and caress your legs up to your bottom and erection while you are madly kissing each other.
    You undo his trousers which drop to the floor and slip your own hand inside his boxers to feel his erect penis which you know will soon be inside your anus.
    Then when you are fucking you can feel like the real woman you want to be, satisfying and loving your man.
    I am a transvestite and have been dressing as female for twenty five years and I am having an affair with my retired neighbour. He is married but can't get enough of me and I adore it!!

  • Oh my! That sounds so exciting indeed!

  • Yes it is sweetie, I love dressing in gorgeous underwear, silk and lace as Jack likes the vintage style, and a lovely matching lacy bra, stockings and suspenders are a must!! A vintage silk slip is also a must as Jack like to take my dress off while caressing me, the naughty boy!
    I have bought several silk Medeshe dresses with the length to the knees showing my legs. I wear high heel strappy sandals because I find them very sexy.
    Jack loves to feel my erection under my knickers, gently caressing while he stands behind me with his own throbbing penis rubbing against me from behind as he also loves the feeling of silk. Then the moment he bends me over, pulls my knickers over, rubs some gel into my anus and enters my bottom. Oh!! Bliss!!!!
    I'm all woman for my Jack, moaning then screaming fuck me, fuck me jack I love you!!!!
    Jack can last too, he really goes the distance, he's so very fruity and I adore him.
    Signed Jasmine

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