Going with no panties under my dress makes me feel supper sexy

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  • One of the many reasons I am jealous of women.

  • I love to go out. My husband prefers to stay in. We have a deal, he'll take me out if I wear a short dress or skirt sans panties. I hated it at first. I don't like to feel forced to do stuff. I grew to like it pretty fast. If I'm in the mood I'll do it on my own without him knowing or while he's at work. I still won't admit that I like it to him though

  • Do you ever give "accidental" peeks?

  • That's for me to know and you to wonder about

  • Girlfriend...let me tell ya... panties are for women who don't practice proper hygiene if you use proper hygiene you don't need them that's an old lady thing to wear they don't bathe very often

  • It is sexy! I saw a girl at the mall last week with no panties on. I followed her around from a safe distance for about 20 minutes until she went into the ladies room. I cautiously went in to luckily find no one else inside but her. I quickly gagged her, took her into one of the stalls, pulled up her dress and fucked her doggy style. I didn't worry because I was wearing a nearly full faced mask.

  • I'm the first responder , maybe just ask next time. I've said yes to strangers before.

  • I've been doing it for years and I agree it does make me feel sexy as well.

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