Anyone else out there with incest fantasies?

Do others besides me have incest fantasies or dreams?
Please tell them to us. Fantasies are no reality!

I myself have never had a real incest experience, but my husband has and he has infected me, so to speak, with this "virus". He slept with his aunt as a boy and now, for a few months, he's been doing it with his mother. I was allowed to watch him have sex with his mother a few times and I have to admit that it was a very special feeling. I am actually almost Mediterranean jealous, but when I saw him with his mother, I found it just exciting.

I want to make it easier for you and write down one of my (and my hudbands) fantasy here:

The fantasy is about my wife and me, our daughter, her husband and our granddaughter being attacked by burglars in our house. The two robbers force us adults to have sex. Not with our partners, but me with our daughter and my wife with our son-in-law. And finally the burglars forced my granddaughter to suck first her father and then me. We both sprayed on her girlish body. After that the girl had to undress and then they forced her to have real sex with me and her father. I had to lie down and her father had to put her on my stiff cock. She is still a virgin at this time and she cries out loudly as her father makes her sink onto my cock. Her father then had to fuck her in the butt at the same time and I could feel exactly how his cock keeps going up into her. This feeling when you feel the other cock, next to your own, just separated by some skin, going in and out, must be incredible.


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  • I love being in pussy especially a young girl and getting another guy to sink in her with me. Most men do girls if alone and will get in if yhey can but cock on cock feels so fuckn good i want to feel a cock now and grind cock together in bed mmmm cum all on his cock. Anyone wanna get gay with me right now?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I have real experience!

  • I want to fuck my 2 step sister, and all 3 of my aunts which are sister at the same time then fuck each one by themselves

  • Greedy lol

  • Why call it a incest fantasy, my incest sex with sisters IS real,we both enjoy meth I can afford it but she can't so we stopped the car on a Bush track I began mixing up a shot and said to sister if I wasn't your brother would you fuck me and she said I would fuck you being my brother, take your top and bra off show me them big tits I said and she removed her top and bra then she reached over put her hand down my shorts and began stroking it she said I want to suck your cock I will let you. Sis I stopped here so we could have some meth and also because ALL the money I've put into meth you can't afford so I think it only fair if you start letting me fuck you, there are places we can hang out and nobody will ever know that we are doing incest,she said I could start now she got out lifted up. her dress took her panties off and said come on big brother I've been waiting for that cock OF yours so fuck me while fucking her she said I would enjoy it more if you started wearing women's clothing and lingerie, I said you want me to be a crossdresser she said yes I said I give it a go.we been having sex and I've been wearing women's clothing for nearly 9 years

  • Stop meth.

  • I have incest fantasies about my mom. I found some topless pics of her. I love tits and she has some great ones. I look at the pics and jack myself off imagining I'm fucking her and sucking on her nipples that are always hard.

  • Nice!

  • You are a sick fuck. Hang yourself.

  • Family sex is the best

  • NOT loser

  • Don't mock it until you've tried it

  • Don't need to. Makes me sick just reading it here sick fuck.

  • Each to their own

  • Fuck you lady balls

  • You'd like to!

  • Not in to old fat bald men

  • Why? You didn't mind you dad? Lol

  • 👆you 💩head. Not like you not into guys ass hole.

  • You are a shirt lifter lol

  • Yes there about three of you sick mother fuckers out there.

  • I fantasize about my mom and stepmom. My stepmom is a lot younger than my mom and I for sure think they already do some mommy/daughter roleplay, so ... it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch?

  • Sounds good

  • Go beat off incest lover

  • Already have

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  • Thats all you got incest love. No body will fuck you because you got lady balls.

  • My sister and I grew up trading oral. At first it was experimentation. Then later we called it 'practice.' We stopped when we got into relationships

  • Holy shit! My cousin and I did the EXACT same thing! We started at about age 7, and continued until one or both of us were in a relationship! As soon as we were both single we began, right were we left off!

  • Bull shit lady balls you and your imaginary sister never did anything. you even admitted that in another post.

  • Yeah, quite common to experiment with a sibling.

  • I have always to have sex with my mom. And still till this day being in my 30s, sometimes fantasize about it. It never did happen but I really wish it had and than maybe I could just move on and forget about it. Or maybe just sleep with an older want would do the trick.

  • As a teen-ager i really wanted to fuck my mum. I would often masturbate thinking of her. I was never brave enough to try and I regret that. Now after many years I still fantasize about my mum and I would advise anyone who feels the same as me should be brave and at least try.

  • Sick fucking incest propaganda.

  • No your just a queer prick, see a doctor

  • My mom is beautiful and only 17 years older than me. Her body is perfect. Her tits, her ass, and her trim tight body. I've wanted to fuck her for at least the last 2 years.

    Her tits aren't huge, but more than a handful. They are so round and firm. Her dark red areolas are round like half dollars. Her nipples are a little bigger around than a pencil sticking out nearly half an inch. I've always loved tits and I couldn't make a pair more perfect than my mom's.

    She's got fairly full brown pubic triangle that really turns me on! Her bubble butt is something I want to get my hands all over. I know my mom gets horny when she's been drinking, so I'm going to get her drunk!

  • I made some screw-drivers for my mom that were extra strong last night. She was wearing a tank top and no bra. I could tell by how much her nipples were proudly sticking out. She was also wearing tight shorts that came up high enough to see the bottom of her round ass cheeks. I found a horror movie on cable that I knew had a sex scene coming up soon. As the couple fucked I saw my mom's hand start rubbing her clit.

    I turned my mom's face to mine and started kissing her like a lover would. Our tongues twisted around as my hand reached down and took a tit in my hand and started fondling it. My mom moaned into my mouth. I twisted her nipple with my fingers and her hand was stroking my cock. We got naked and I was already as hard as ever. My mom was also dripping wet.

    I pushed my cock slowly into her tight pussy. My mom was moaning the whole time. Her pussy felt so good I started fucking her pussy hard and fast. I was breathing hard and grunting. I never felt anything like fucking her before. I fucked her until I was shooting streams of my sperm deep inside her.

  • Growing up my wife had a sexual relationship with her brother. It lasted until he moved out for college. Now she feels embarrassed about it. I don't have the heart to tell her that when she tells me different things that they did it turns me on tremendously.

  • OP: Thanks! I'm sorry you can't share this. Why is she ashamed of the things she experienced with her brother? Millions of other siblings have experienced it together. Unfortunately, I don't have any siblings.

  • They literally did everything together , she only tells me because she still feels she needs to talk about it. Honestly she needs to tell a professional or someone who has experience in dealing with it. Not her perverted husband that gets off on it lol

  • I've always wanted to fuck my Mother.

  • Mommy pussy and blow jobs are the fuckin best weather she wants it or not she will enjoy it sometime.

  • Weather is it raining on your bull shit post.

  • My uncle took me to a bookstore at age 16 and showed me a gloryhole and said stick dick in get great head so i did and got the best blowjob i have ever had and he and i waited outside and he said theres your cock sucker and my mother walked out,i about shit and he said since dad went to jail she is lonly and horny and he saw her here and he and her sucked dick togeather so he thought teach me with one of the best.So i started dreaming about her mouth and told uncle and he sucked me off then said hey if your horny and hard again just start fucking her in her sleep so i did and she damn near tossed me to the floor but i hugged her and pushed deeper and mom must have liked it because she flipped me over and rodeme hard and i screamed i was cumming and she spun and swallowed the load.Now i fuck mom or get head anytime i like and if Uncles visiting mom and he both suck me off.

  • Good fantasy

  • Shut up lady balls how about you hang yourself.

  • Just because mommy was the only female to care for you doesn't mean you have to fuck her.

  • I Lov it

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