Caught Slapping my Pussy

I was very horny. I started fantasizing about someone seeing me.

So I lied naked in front of the main door of my flat and opened it fully. My legs were as far as they could go and I slapped my pussy hard multiple times.

I had my eyes closed but opened them when my cunt was leaking a little with piss. That's when I saw my neighbour looking at me and suddenly I squirted it went in my mouth and I kept staring at him all the way through it.

"You're doing it wrong." Was all he said, stepping in and closed the door. He dragged my hair to my parent's bed and due to my horniness I didn't say anything. He had me hold me pussy lips apart and then undid his belt and whipped me with it 20 mins straight as he jerked off and then came on my mouth before leaving.

My pussy is so sensitive but since then every day he whips my pussy and we do some piss drinking.

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  • Wish I came by your door. I would fuck it not whip it. You have me horny.

  • Wow. I don't see how getting your pussy whipped with a belt could feel good at all. You need to somehow take some pics so you can blackmail him for cash.

  • That's a great idea lmao but he I'm gonna ask him for 'calculus tutoring' while his wife is gone ;) . And yes for me I love the stinging tingly feeling on my pussy it makes me so wet.

  • I have a 3 in leather belt and a smaller 3/4 inch one. I use the 3-inch verse to get your p**** nice and puffy and wet. Then when you're just about to come I'd use the 3/4 inch one on your clit and watch you lose it.

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