I feel fucked

Last week my gf seem serious and up set and went on with how I don't appreciate her and how I much rather be with other girls and then after a while I made her happy but then she asked if I would be a cuck for her if it made her happy I didn't know what that meant and I said yes of course, and now she's up set with me because because I just found out what being a cuck is and I told her no I wouldn't like that at all and she got upset and went on with how I'm a lair and not a man of my own words and shit like thatt it's getting tiring she's being whining about it for two days now, idk what to do should I give in and let go fuck other dudes ? I don't think I can watch that happing or should I just break up with her

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  • Have she stopped or what´s happening now?

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • You smell like dead carp.

  • Dont do it bro. I’m getting vibes that she has already cheated on you. I would say if you feel like it’s worth it, you should go ahead. But... if she feels like you are not enough to satisfy her. She should be with someone else completely. You dont have to ever feel like you’re not enough. Not to anyone. Even if its a kink.

  • Maybe you are a Cuck if you are considering it. I’d like to buy you a beer and smack some fucking sense into you...be a fucking man and drop that bitch and find a better one or let me fuck her ass. Your call.

  • Buy me a quarter and u can have her

  • I'm married and my cucking began after we had our first kid and I was in my late 20's. Months after she gave birth and we resumed sex,she started saying I wasn't pleasuring her. So she started complaining and saying she was gonna find another man to meet her needs. I knew I couldn't please her pussy anymore so I jokingly replied "go right ahead". She actually didn't have to go very far. Our neighbour was a single guy and he gladly met her needs.

  • Hello you guys, she asked me again today about it she proposed that I could have sex with sex with her after she's done with the person she fucks and said so I don't feel so bad I can pick out her out fit because I always ask her if she can wear a out fit for me but she says no and said maybe I can pick who she fucks so she's referring that I can pick one of my own friends or hers so I don't feel bad but that's bull shit I'll still feel like shit after

  • Where is she gonna fuck them then? At your place or his?

  • Tonight at our place, we got Into a argument about it, I tried saying no but honestly I gave up if I say no she says she is leaving me so I'm pretty much waiting to see if she's actually going to do it. I'm assuming she is talking to her friend to fuck her which I'm sure any of her friends would they all seem to like her in a non friend way but to her they are just "friendly" and my GF told me that supposedly the guy who she is talking to to fuck her is Cross dresser/gay so it's like WTF I knew he would be straight for her, but yeah I guess she's fucking them at our house I'm just assuming I don't want know much rn my GF is getting ready for a dick RN and I'm just sitting on the couch

  • Sounds more and more like she wants you to be a sissy for her. I'd place a bet she wants to see you suck cocks.

  • Well you should try to make the transition to this lifestyle gradual. Maybe ask her to phone you while they are doing it so you can hear. Then you can build up to sitting in the next room and listening to them. Then being in the same room watching them.

  • Yea I'll see, maybe I'll pretend it's my own porn theater

  • Yes give it a try. You may learn what excites her and makes her tick and be able to put it to use or it might just be alot of fun for you. I speak from experience.

  • Yeah she did say she will wear anything I want her too so that might be kinda fun her friend is coming over this afternoon, so I've been trying to mentally prep my self I think I might enjoy it

  • That does sound like fun. Let us know how it went.

  • Yeah it's not my thing

  • Give it time

  • My gf has never let me cum in her let alone go have sex with out a condom but when she fucked her friend she didn't even bother to bring up anything about a condom, and her friend clearly came inside her and they both clearly knew that he came, but my GF just giggled and her find continued to fuck her

  • Did you watch them then?

  • Yea

  • Were you hard while watching? Was he alot bigger than you and fucked her alot better?

  • And after they were finished she did keep her word that I could still have sex with her after but she was rushing me and she kept her legs closed and face into her pillow and had a blanket covering her body expect her ass, and she was still going to make me wear a condom but I brought up how come she didn't make her friend wear one so then she was okay with it but she quickly ran to the bathroom when I came inside her

  • Then you should've played with her pussy first and got his cum out and rubbed it over her mound or even gone down on her and cleaned her out.

  • A buddy of mine split from his wife for quite a few months. During the split I actually fucked his wife a ton of times. She enjoyed it and kept asking me back for more and even said that he could never fuck her like that.
    Anyway sometime later he begged her to take him back so she told him what happened between us. I thought I should be a man and speak to him and maybe even apologise but he wasnt mad and was totally ok with it. Some weeks later he phoned me up and asked if I could do him a favor. When I asked what,I was shocked with his reply. He wanted me to continue fucking his wife as it's what she wanted. I asked if he was sure he said yes a d he'd leave us alone to do it. So surely enough I started going round once,then twice and sometimes 3 or 4 times a week to fuck her. He was always out the door when I got there or not there at all until I joked with her that it was nice if him to give us privacy. She laughed and said hes in the spare room listening and tugging himself right now.

  • Do they have sex after you leave? Do you wear a condom, or leave her full? Lol

  • I don't think they had much sex at all. Never used a condom with her and sometimes her full or would dump it somewhere over her. Loved covering her pretty face.

  • You are likely already a cuck.

  • Depends if you love her that much to be a cuck.
    If you do and put her feelings and pleasure above yours then being a cuck for her might be very rewarding for you. But if you only care about what you want then definitely break up because the cuck route will not work.

  • I think you would enjoy being her little cuckie. I know it's a huge fantasy of mine.

  • I do not think you are compatible, you should break up. Good luck to you.

  • Ikr! Bro he’s just being treated unfairly

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