Sitting grandma's dog

Our grandmother was given a 14-day cruise by the whole family for her 70th birthday. My parents agreed to take their dog with us for the time. My sister and I already knew the dog from our visits and we had played with him many times.

So we 2 girls were also chosen to take care of the dog. So feed it, walk it and all those things. We also had time for that after school.
On the 2nd day he spent with us he already understood who is responsible for his feeding. So he was always there where I or my sister was. When I came home from school that day, my sister, who is two years older than me, was already there.

She was in her room, squatting on the floor with her notebook and the dog was lying with her. I was a bit irritated when I saw my sister fiddling with the dog on this fur bag. We are not babies anymore and even I, at 13 years old, knew that his penis was hidden there. So I was even more surprised to see my sister fiddling with it at his place.

I asked her. We are very open with each other about sex and have made out with each other more often when our parents were not around. I also knew that my sister, unlike me, was not a virgin.

She waved me over to her and then she showed me a page of porn movies on her notebook. I already knew such pages, but not this one. This one was all about sex with animals. Mostly dogs and horses. Soon I was as ex-cited as my sister.

We both started, at Horsti's, that's what our grandma had named her dog when she got it, fumbling around. I touched both his testicles, but then he started growling softly. So I had better stop it. But then after a while a bright red triangle appeared at the front of the fur bag. It looked quite fun-ny, so pointed in front.

My sister then pushed the fur behind this red thing again and again, so that you could see more and more of it. Horsti lay very still. He only turned his head from time to time to see what my sister was doing. She managed to make his penis seem to peek out of the fur bag. I thought it looked pretty long.

My sister let it go and then told me to move on. I thought Horsti's penis looked wet, but it wasn't. But it was hot. My sister told me to put it in my mouth, that he would like that. I had already seen it on the internet bet-ween men and women, but never with a dog.

I can't explain it, but I didn't find it disgusting, not at all! I leaned over and put as much in my mouth as I could. Almost immediately Horsti's back body started to twitch. Like he wanted to push his penis further and further in. I felt totally grown up in that moment. I had often imagined doing this to a boy and then I stroked myself. And now I did it with Horsti and I didn't even have to worry that he would tell his buddies right away.

But I don't want to do it too long. I used to do it a lot at Horsti's. Almost every day or evening as long as he was with us. My sister had his thing put in there too. She hadn't been a virgin since her class trip two years ago. That looked really hot. She used to lie on her bed with her upper body be-cause dogs only do that from behind. They are just so used to it.

I learned that dogs get a very thick spot on their penis just before they in-ject. My sister told me that it's called a knot. Only when it is there, the dog injects its semen. And the lump is there so that the penis can't come out right away and the sperm has time to fertilize an egg. My sister said that he injected all the time. Until he can pull it out again.

We did something with Horsti every day. Mostly right after school, because our parents were still working. Once my sister even brought two friends home. They blew him and they all let him fuck them. He always got very restless and pushy when one of us undressed in front of him.

We were really sad when grandma came back from her trip and picked him up again. The next day the phone rang very early. I only heard that it was probably grandma who called. My mother got dressed quickly and drove away.

She didn't get back until after we'd finished breakfast. She pulled my daddy into the living room behind her.

Yes, I was listening. I noticed that grandma probably wanted to take a shower in the morning and when she got undressed and went into the bathroom, Horsti probably jumped on her and when she tried to get up from the floor again, he jumped on her back and probably raped her. It must have taken almost half an hour before his limb slipped out of her again and she could call my mother. When mum was with grandma, she wanted to help her into the bathroom and into the shower, but when grandma took off her bathrobe, the dog was right over her again. Mum was not fast enough to stop it and Horsti did it again with grandma.

I really thought that was because we were having sex. Because we used to take our clothes off.


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  • Your first mistake was teaching him nudity automatically means sexytimes. You were kids, but it would've been better to use a codeword, like red rocket. Say it a LOT shortly before sucking or fucking him, then he won't think "naked thing, must fuck!"

  • #sickfuck

  • I am sure, it was!

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