Too hot

I sat in my chair with the shades drawn sipping on a cup of coffee looking though a small luver pulled to the side naked and stroking my cockas I watched the hottest sight I ever saw. In my yard on my porch sat a beautiful blonde hair blue eyes sexy little 8 year old wearing a pair of underwear 3 times to big no shirt and a puppy licking her little bold pussy. Which was clearly visible. It's 6:oo am and this girl is letting this dog lick deeper and deeper in her pussy. I figured as much as I hate to I need to stop this before everyone wakes up. I live in a r v park by the way. This little girl's family moved in about a week ago and she has a older sister about10 who is a cutie too. The mother from what I've seen is a drunk there is no dad. So anyway I open my door and ask thegirl if she had breakfast she lookedat mewith a smile and said no . I asked if she wanted to have a bowl cereal yes she said. I told her to come inside bring your pussy and i will make you a bowl. She drug her puppy inside. I asked where her mom and sister was. Asleep sit down and eat. I could see herlittle pussy and ass.her panties were about to falloff. I askedwhereshe got her panties mommy she said. She finished eating and I asked if she wanted to watch cartoons until her mom got up.ok she said. I turned on the tv and she sat in the floor she spread her legs and her puppy went back to lickingher pussy. I just sat down and watched. I will be back in a few minutes I will be back. I went to the bathroom and wiped off the cum I already squirted out and pulled off my underwear sinching up my robe I walkedback in . Holy shit she was on her knees bent over the couch while her puppy was licking her asshole. My cock jumped out of my Robe. I tried to get it back in but no way. I hide it with my hands and jumped in my recliner. I sat watching the hottest thing ever. She looked at me and stood up and asked if she could sit on my lap. Well I don't know I said. Please ok she climbed onto my lap while I trying to move my hard on. Just as I was pulling it over it jumped outof my robe again this time I was sitting on one side and she was sitting on the other. I couldn't close it . My cock was standing straight up and jerking around. She saw it and grabbed my cock and held it in her hand. She knew what it was she stroked it for a few minutes and my cock exploded every place all over her hand and legs. I wiped it up and she sat on my lap for about an hour rubbing my cock until she saw her sister walk by . Ok I have to go . I will see you later.


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  • Thats gross pedo hope you get caught.

  • This is Fake but your should be shot in the head. You fucking pedophilic's make us sick.

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