Mistaken cock size causing relationship problems

When I got with my now husband I had only seen two other dicks. One day after barely getting to know my husband he asked for a size comparison of the other guys I have seen. It had been 2 years since I had seen the other cocks and it was an awkward question for me as I was very inexperienced. I had only ever glanced at the cocks I saw and barely grabbed them or sucked them and I never jacked them off. So my initial reaction was just to say I don’t know but he kept pushing for an answer. He then told me to grab his around which I had never done with the other two guys I just held them up with my thumb and fingers. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for so I said they look the same and he didn’t like that answer so he said well just make a guess. So he told me to grab it again and I said that the first guy was about the same and the second guy was a little bigger based on seeing my husbands from the side with my hand wrapped around covering a good portion of it and also using the images I had of the other guys which now thinking about it was one from the back side and one from up close. It turned out that my husband which I was dating at the time had a fairly good size cock at 7 inch and 5.8 girth but when he asked he wasn’t his hardest. He was obviously upset with my answer and it bothered him. A few days pass and he asked me again this time showing me his front side without a hand and it was obvious to me it was bigger. Since then it has been 12 years and now he is convinced that the other two guys I saw were bigger than him which would be bigger than 7 inch and I don’t believe that to be true. I’m not sure what happened that first time he asked me to compare and to this day it is still bothering him and is ruining our marriage!! I’m really seeking advice or an explanation of what could have happened that first night that led me to believe there were the same when my husband is above average. Is there anyway to mistake a 7 inch cock for a 5 inch?

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  • If the size of a cock is fucking up your marriage, then your marriage was doomed right from the start.

  • If your husband is upset he only has a 7" dick, there is some other psychological insecurity there.

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