Lust for aunt

Hey guys, I'm 18 now
I really don't want to be called sick and perverted but this has always been on my mind. When I was 14 my mom had died of cancer. I felt so heartbroken. My mom was my best friend and were able to talk about anything. She was a single mom that raised my sister and I. Anyways I would always visit my family in Virginia because part of my family lives there. My mom has a cousin who is my uncle. He is adopted into the family. His wife is my aunt. I never really looked at her in a lustful way but when I was 16 things changed. I would visit my cousins who were much younger than me. My uncle is always at work and she sometimes works at home since she is in finance. One time I came to her room to look for a blanket to sleep and found she was breast pumping. She had nice big breasts and I felt embarrassed to see so I went away. After that time she was in pajamas in a gown which outlines her body. As a teen I'm obviously attracted to the female body. I don't really watch porn and I'm just curious about how a real woman's body looks. 2 months ago I saw on snapchat my uncle lifting up another girl and giggling. I suspect he's cheating. I want to ask my aunt if I could see her boobs just out of curiosity. How should I go about asking without getting in trouble or her telling my family?? Please only serious advice. I really don't want to be judged wrongly.


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  • Try to plan it where she catches you playing with your self , but don't shoot off , just keep teasing your meat till she does catch you

  • Me too I want my uncle's ex wife she used to be my aunt not anymore they are divorce no longer together she is beautiful and sexy that I want to fuck her eat her pussy and ass and cum inside her good have her suck my dick good

  • Sounds like she is available

  • Ohh yeah she is all I need to do is go to her house for a visit and spend time with her and I know she will be mind

  • Go for it!! Good luck

  • If you don't want to get into trouble DON'T ASK!! You are not supposed to look at relatives that way. But the other incest lovers will tell you a whole bunch of crap. If you are for real, then don't listen to them. If I was your uncle I would bitch slap your ass for asking. If he's cheating leave it alone. So let's hear from the sick incest lovers on this. If you are 18 then you will see many breasts on the internet and for real without seeing your aunts.

  • Don't listen to this prick! What you feeling is totally natural. There many family members who have sexual relationships.

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