Had sex with boyfriends brother/friends bd

I had sex twice with my boyfriends brother who is also one of my close friends baby daddy (she just had this baby a few weeks ago) both times were about 5 months ago when my boyfriend broke up with me and the first time i felt horrible and said i never wanted to do that again then he ended up inviting me over to smoke i told him i didn’t want to and he ended up doing it again and i said no but i didn’t stop it either. cats out the bag and everyone knows now, i lived with my boyfriends family and was also best friends with his sister and now his whole family hates me and im leaving to move to florida with my parents TOMORROW because i ruined my own life. my boyfriend who is the love of my life left me again. am i a horrible person who is going to rot in hell? i feel like im in hell already i feel like this is all a really long nightmare.

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  • Oh i m sory what u r feeling

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