Turned Aunt Into A Craving Slut

This happened years back. You might say during the swinging 70's era. I was going on twenty and always horny and constantly wacked my dick off. Drinking age back then was 18. I did a lot of bar hopping looking to fuck someone but with no luck. I sneak peaks of mom dressing and showering to get my dick hard to masturbate it. My mom got a job as a traveling home care nurse and she be gone for days. I would have to stay with my Aunt Sherry while mom was away. Aunt Sherry was a few years younger than my mom and a bit more heavyset. She never was married.
My Aunt would walk about her home as if I wasn't there. I started getting sexual thoughts about her and got the nerve to push myself onto her. I would try to feel her big full breast as she cleaned off the table. and press against her as she stood in front of the pantry looking for something there. She never said a word about my actions towards her. I started leaving the bedroom door open a bit so she could see me playing with my dick and saw her peak in.
Then one day while staying at Aunt Sherry and walked by her slightly opened bedroom door she was on her bed smoking a cigarette and had a dildo in her hand rubbing her fat cunt and tits with it. I swung the door open dropped my pants exposing my privates to her and said "You need a real cock!" She put the cigarette down and the dildo down and grabbed my cock as I got close to her. "Suck it! I know you want to please me!" She got off the bed and guided it into her mouth and I began fucking that mouth. She choked now and then. Aunt Sherry pushed me onto the bed with my legs hanging over the edge and rubbed her oversized breasts across me, working them to my mouth. "Nurse on them for a while Andrew! " while she played with her clit making herself wet and loose at her snatch. "I want to get fucked good with that cock. I told her I wanted to taste her wet snatch before I put it in her. "Oh yeah Andrew, suck on Aunt Sherry's clit real good!" she yelled out. She played with her tits while I was eating her and screaming out, "Fuck me, Fuck me! I want a real cock in me!" I got on my knees and it wasn't hard to slip my dick into her. She held my ass and pulled me into her, balls deep. "Cream pie me Andrew! I won't tell your mom!" Between her wetness and my cream pie , my cock was covered with the mess. I tit fucked her to get the mess off and we both took a shower together.
Now I go to Aunt Sherry's regularly to get my rocks off. She will put a porn video on and we would watch it in the nude after she does a hot strip tease for attention at her doorway.

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