Hello 35 married and horny

I’ve been married 15 years . I have chrated a few times and never told and he never found out.
I just get bored with the same man. And everytime i have steped out its made my sex life at home better and mote exciting for awhile.
I think its the secret i dont feel guilty because I don’t tell.
Last week my boys were playing video games and its been extremely hot. I was out mowing yard and was wearingshorts and a my swim suit top basically like a bra. My husband was at work.
I noticed my neighbor watching me. I had on my sum glasses so i kept a eye on him and he was looking constantly i wave T him and continue on. Now Jim has always been friendly . They are a older couple in there 60s. As i was going around the house i saw his wife come out and leave. She works at walmart and i was wondering if she was leaving for work.
I continue around to his side of house and Tom was getting his mower out of his garage. I stop because he was looking at me and being friendly just to say hello.
I sat on mower talkinf found out Deb his wife left for work and Tom kept looking at my chest. I knew he was checking me out and being a flirt made me stay and talk longer. As we visited and he kept checking me out whenever he thought i was not looking i was getting turned on by it.
Tom is not a bad looking guy gray hair but fairly fit. I make a comment about he should take his short off and get some sun. He said yea you have i nice tan going this summer. I laugh and say thank you. Ithen say wish i could go topless but my neighbor might complain.
He now laughed and said only do that when my wife is not home she would be the one to complain.
Down that path i go. I say if i would take my top off now they ate so white compared to my tan i would butn quickly.
He said put lotion on. Noe im not a complete slut but his comment and the was he was flirting was unlike any conversation i had ever had with him before. I said if my boys were not home i would take my non complaining neighbor up on that but they might tell their dad.
I could tell he was turned on by our conversation also and i look around to make sure the boys were not outside.
I pull my top to the side alittle so he could see how white the side of my tit was.
He said dont stop there.
I look at him and without saying anything i flip my top up exposing my tits to him.
He looked up like to see if anyone else was around, there wasn’t we were alone.
I quickly flip my top back down worrying the boys would come out.
He said that wasn’t enough sun to hurt lol.
I said boys might see. Im horny and getting more excited by the minute. I say did you like?
He nodded and said with or without.
I look around and get off mower and walk passed him into his garage.
It was cooler in there out of the sun. Im short only 5 foot tall and when i walked by him i brushed my fingers across his belly.
He followed me in and I immediately take my top off before i could chicken out and it would get awkward.
I said no one can see in here. He gets all nervous i say now where were we.
Long story shorter
I started giving him head in the garage
He was average size and hairy but this time it didn’t bother me . I thought he was going to chicken out on me so i just pulled his shorts down enough and took him in my mouth before he could think about chicken out. Ive had that hapt before with married men. They want to but have too much time to think about getting caught.
He went to push me back was I started sucking on him and i took hols if his hands and put them on my tits. I barley had to lean forward to suck on him he was over 6 foot tall.
His pickup was in garage and tailgate was down I slipped my shorts off and hop up on tailgate and spread my legs he walks up in front of me and i lean back he spreading my legs farther letting him see my slick shaven pussy.
He still starts to chicken out and i said come on Tom fuck me only you and i will know.
He comes between my legs i pull his head to me and kiss him pulling my legs up behind him and he started pumping in and out of me. The tailgate was hurting my tailbone as he starti slamming into me and i thought it wasn’t going to work but he was pumping hard into me now and i held on the pain soon got driened out with pleasure and sweat was poring off both of us.
I soon climaxed putting him over and i feel him unloading into me.
We get done we look at each other both dripping with sweat and i say can i use your shower i cant get dressed like this laughing.
We go in house he’s all shy now and shows me the bathroom and i reach around his hand which was covering his cock before he could leave and say shower with me.
We fucked again after iur wuick shower i sit him on toilet and straddling him ride him till i climax even harder in the cool house.
The next day i had a bruise and scrape on my ass from his tailgate.


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