Horny stepdaughter

I have a 17 year old stepdaughter who I’ve sexually fantasized about. She has a body of a 25 year old. Huge ass and nice tits. One night she fell asleep on our bed watching tv and in the middle of the night my wife took our youngest to the ER because he had a fever. While she was gone, I had this crazy idea. I decided to get naked and jack off right next to my stepdaughter while she slept. I could see her pink panties through under her shorts. I decided to pull her panties to the side slowly until I could see her pink little pussy. I put my face to be able to smell her pussy and I gave it a few licks. She is a heavy sleeper. I was so hard I wanted more. Slowly I pulled down her shorts and underwear until I took them off of her. I was able to lift her legs and spread them slowly. I licked her pussy while I was jacking off but fuck when I spread her legs I could see how her tiny pussy opened. I decided to just rub the head of my dick up and down her pussy. I could feel the way her pussy was getting moist. I wanted more, slowly I was pushing myself inSide her. Then just like that I had been able to put it in all inside. I was able to go in twice while she was asleep but somehow she woke up and realized what I was doing. When I knew she was awake I grabbed her by the waist and kept fucking hard and she was just looking around asking me where’s mom, she asked me to stop and I told her that I’m almost done. When I was about to cum I pulled out and came on her stomach. She grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom. After a few minutes I walked to her room and I told her she kept touching me and when I started touching her we were both turned on and that’s when I took off her underwear. She looked at me and said, I let you take my underwear off and I said yeah. She then told me it should never happen again and for me not to say anything


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  • So you raped your step daughter.

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