I want to have sex with my step dad but he’s straight

So my step dad is a fucking sexy beast he’s so strong and muscular i just can’t get enough and ever since i’ve seen him naked and saw his hard on which was 7-8 inches it’s made me want him more. I keep having dirty thoughts around him and have almost asked him if he’d let me suck his cock but i know is get a crazy response since well i’m his step son but i’ve seen him stare at my ass while he was drunk before but i’m sure it was nothing. now i just to have him to myself and ride him hard. what should i do to help with my desire.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Why can't you find another man in your trailer park. Or is everyone in your trailer park related to you.

  • Bottombitch 39 Make sure as often as possible that he sees Ur hot Naked ass, make a point of him noticing Ur very hard morning cock just wearing a pair of shorts, maybe with some pre-cum spots on the pant leg or better yet walking in on him with a morning hard on sticking out of the fly on Ur shorts fondling Ur dick--if he doesn't make a move pull down Ur shorts and struggle to bend that hard fucker down so U can take a morning piss!!! tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • Believe me i’ve been trying i just want to suck him off so bad believe me i know how big he is he’s 5 inches soft and from the bulges i’ve seen he’s defo an 8 inch completely

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