I saw my dad jerking off

I’ve always wanted to see my dads cock and today my whole family left but for dad and i. we were sitting on the couch together at first then he grabbed his ipad and went to the bathroom and i got this horny feeling so i touched myself on the couch and then i got even more horny so i went to the crack of the corner on the bathroom that you can see inside it lowkey so i kept looking and saw him jerking off, i got so horny and i felt so wrong but i cummed in my pants

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Best thing I ever did was go with my Dad. I was 17, i knew mom was not loving him. So I did. I was no virgin. It was fucking incredible!

    Three months later, he told mom he was divorcing her. I moved out with him. I'm 23 now and the sex is mind blowing and several times a day and always bareback.

    I'm 3 months pregnant by my Dad. The man I love.

  • Don't feel wrong or guilty etc. You have done nothing wrong. It is ok to be sexually attracted to your parents.

  • Not true.

  • It's very true and it may not be your thing but luckily not everyone is the same as you

  • NO it's not true! It's not ok. You are among the sick perverted incest loving nut jobs. Try hanging yourself.

  • Is you mother not having sex with your dad is that the reason he is wanking
    i was in a similar situation my daughter saw me wanking and offered her help
    i felt guilty when i looked at my wife but she wasn't doing what a wife should, a younger hand on my cock is better

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