The dildo

When I was 21 (i'm currently 25) Me and my friend ended up fucking (lesbian sex) . Me and my friend were all doing shots at the table there was about 4-5 of my closet friends there. It was about 12 at night me and her were a little tipsy but not drunk but we still got a uber to be safe, we took the uber back to my house and we sat talked then we decided to drink a bottle of red wine for some reason it made us feel sexy and horny we did a little dirty talk then we went back to my room, it jokingly started out a light kiss kiss then we started making out the we removed our dresses bras and panties we both got on the the bed , then she got on top of her boobs felt so good on top of mine our pussys rubbing together then I remembered I had a sex toy in my drawer a couple actually, had a vibrator, a two sided dildo, a strap-on and some lube and condoms (I had male and female partners before this) I showed her and we both decided that she could use the strap-on on me with some lube, she thrusted like there was no tommorow we both came multiple times after using roleplay, sex toys, lube, pussy licking, pussy rubbing

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  • Why are so many of these so old ???

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