Gf gangbang fantasy

Living in a small block of flats (4 floors, we're on the top) There is scaffolding wrapped around the whole building as work is being done on the roof. The scaffold level sits halfway up our bedroom window, so you could easily see in. I fantasise about the workmen being able to see my missus getting dressed after I've gone to work. She's very petite with huge boobs. Maybe they see her spread on the bed playing with her wet pussy, rubbing her stiffening clit whilst her nipples harden.. As the 5 workman gather at the window, whistling and encouraging her.. She opens the window.. (The whole window opens here to a square hole) The 5 guys climb in and get their big dicks out.. Wanking them back and fourth, the first guy through the window slaps his sweaty 9" dick n my missus face before pushing it into her hot mouth. Face fucking her, another workman pulls her away from him and slams his own sweaty big cock down her throat.. She loves it, and all the attention. She's on her knees, all 5 cocks being slapped on her face as she takes turns sucking them all.. Even 2 at a time.. They throw her on our bed, one guy starts ploughing into her from behind making her moan.. Another gets his cock down her throat as they spit roast her hard.. The other 3 wanking waiting for their turn.. My missus then says she wants it in her arse.. One guy lays on the bed, whilst she straddles across him.. Sliding her gaping pussy down his long bulging shaft, another guy rubs his helmet over her arse hole.. Using his pre-cum as lube, he pushes his 8" into her arse making her scream with delight.. She demands a big cock to face fuck her and the other 2 in her hands, so she can wank them as the other 3 fill her holes.. As this happens, I arrive back from work unexpectedly.. Hearing the noise, my heart racing through fear of what the noises are and excitement.. I peer around our bedroom door to see my missus with these 5 big dicked sweaty workmen.. She's getting completely ruined and loving every second of it.. No one knows I'm there.. Part of me is devastated, the other the horniset I've ever felt in my life.. I quietly undo my trousers and start wanking my dick.. I feel I could cum instantly.. Is there something wrong with me??? Do other guys fantasise like this?



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