I'm a 34 year-Old Single Mother Of Two Boys (14 & 16).

I'm A 34 Year-Old Single Mother With Two Teenaged Sons.

This Is My Confession:

I'm a 34 year old single Mother and I let my two boys (14 & 16) mount me and take me any time they want just as long as there's no one else around. And there's never anyone else around.

This all started 1½ years ago, and the older and bigger they get, the more my Sons mount me and take me. They are both SO much bigger "down there" than their father ever was. Now we're constantly copulating 8 or 9 times a day and night. So very, very many orgasms.

Sometimes it's just one of them, and sometimes it's both of them at the same time: Rapid-fire, deep-throat Fellatio at one end and deep, vagina-stretching fornication at the other.

Every orgasm my Sons give me is an intensely "Guilty Pleasure".

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  • This is so hot, honey! I have 3 questions:

    1) How many hours per day would you say you spend with your sons' penises in your vagina?

    2) How many orgasms would you say each of you have per day?

    3) You're still quite young. Have you considered letting them make you pregnant (hopefully)?

  • I want it

  • Go get it

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  • Not

  • Never gonna have it.

  • Bull Shit

  • I Was 13 at the time My Mum was an older mum of 39 when she had me so she was 52 at the time :-) So if anyone would like to know how it happened im happy to talk

  • That's awesome! What's the frequency of orgasm for each of you and how many hours per day do you spend making love? Is pregnancy an option at this point or is she too old? I read the post of one mother son couple where her youngest son/grandson got her pregnant at 52 when he was only 18.

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  • Sick fucking posts by men who have no morals and are the scumbags in life. This is fake incest propaganda.

  • You really have nothing better to do than to actively seek out incest message boards and yell at anonymous people?

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  • I would love to watch you on video with your sons or single, yet the though of you an your best friend female towards there's female's friend's only if I can or not at all.

  • Doing anything on video would be foolish, but it should definitely be legal

  • Why would doing it on video be foolish? Oh thats incest is illegal and immoral hope you all get caught.

  • I couldn't agree more. Certain laws should be changed. I had some amazing times with my mum in bed and it should definitely be legalized everywhere.

  • Love to tell you that more laws against incest are going forward. Alabama signed Chemical Castration into law for incest relations. And last year France summited a bill outlawing incest but it was turned down because it had too many strings attached to it. But A new bill is going to be heard in November that has a lot less strings and looks like it will be pasted. You sick fucks will still have to hide in the dark.

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  • To bad I have every right to be here just as you do. If you can't take the truth then go somewhere else and post you incest crap.

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  • Lucky mom and you have two good fucking sons to enjoy! I sometime fantasize about having sex with my 18 yo son and have seen his hard-on couple of times. How do I proceed from here? My hubby has ED problem and have not fucked for the last 3 yrs but he does suck and eat my pussy good!

  • Apparently according to others, you just have to have the courage to ask him if he has shown an interest. You can start slow with a question like, "Son, do you think I'm attractive?" and then, if yes, rephrase the question to, "Son, do you find me attractive?" The answers should reveal clues as to whether or not he is interested.

  • I Was 13 at the time My Mum was an older mum of 39 when she had me so she was 52 at the time :-)

  • I, too, was 13 when I first fucked my mum. She was 49 at the time. My father was working overseas, And Mum need a cock up her pussy.

  • I can really help you out i too had sex with my mom on lockdown
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  • When I was younger 16 I think I would cuddle with my mom in her bed and purposely leave off or tear my underwear and she would kiss me and my xoxo would run against her clit

  • If you're attractive, I wish you were my mom. If you're not, I probably wouldn't have touched you. Between your two sons, you could get fucked a dozen times a day at their age. "Oh mom, I love your pussy, so fucking good, fuck!!"

  • It has nothing to do whether your mum is attractive or not. Its about being inside your mum!

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  • It's even better being inside your mum if she is good looking.

  • All mothers look beautiful as they suck off their boys. And gorgeous with a load on her face and in her mouth.

  • My mom started because dad was injail and Mom ask if i didnt like girls as i was alone i said i do but liked older women like her,and mom,my sister and I talked and my sister said she and daddy played so why cant mommy and me and she even join if we want.and untill dad gets reliesed i will keep getting sexxxed from mom and sis and we even hit bars and clubs in other citys where we can do as anyone else and enjoy ourlives.

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  • Enjoy your sons before they move out!Lol. Its great you are there for your boys!

  • Enjoy your sons before they pull out! Maybe even let them cum deep inside your pussy.

  • Too bad you dont have a third to have your mouth, ass, and pussy pumped full of semen simultaneously.

  • Enjoy them both fucking your tight pussy

  • You go girl have fun

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