Where is the weirdest place your cum has been?

As a 32DD girl I have had my fair share of cum on my tits over the years and have (mostly) enjoyed it. I have also had it in my hair and on my feet and it got me thinking.
Where is the oddest place your cum has been? I don’t mean just on another person. On a chair? On an animal (by accident I hope!), in your dinner? On a car bonnet?

I guess mine is that i found one boyfriend cumming on my toothbrush!

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  • Starting at 14, I would jerk off a glass, then when my mother called me to make her an Ice Coffee I use the glass with my cum. I would add heavy cream to it and Mom always drank every drop. She always said it tasted so good.

    After a year of doing it, it was almost all cum. I jerk off several times a day thinking about mom drinking my cum. So fucking hot.

    21 now, and still do it to her. I wonder if she knows.

  • Oddest place ive had cum? H shot it right up my nose by accident he thought it was super funny cause he know's he couldn't aim it that well if he tried another time it got in my eye when I was giving him a quick hand job

  • In your fast food order, you eat the other day.

  • Onthe hood of my truck once after nailin my girl on it and once on the back window after road head and she didn’t swallow so spit out the window at 65 mph lol

  • On the bed of a college dorm storage room. Moved a friend's kid to college across state, and fucked my hot older sister in the storage room looking for a bed frame for the kid's room. We locked the door and had sex on two different mattresses, leaving my stuff all over both, then leaving. On the way back to the dorm room, as she put herself back together and pointed out that neither of us had any sort of protection, she laughed and said "At least most of yours was all over the mattresses and my legs, not inside of me!"..

  • On a woman's panty-hosed foot. It was a wild night and when we awoke in the morning it was dried and stiff. She said, "oh well" and put her black high heel on over the spot. It is still a very sexy memory!

  • In my own hair. I underestimated the force of my ejaculation and came on my face. It was how I discovered I liked the taste. The funny thing was, after cleaning up, I ran my fingers through my hair a bit later and discovered that I'd missed a spot.

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